5 Accessorizing Tips to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

Clothing is often expensive, and revamping your entire closet could easily cost you a small fortune. Instead of ditching your entire wardrobe in exchange for expensive designer brand items, try making your look seem more expensive with effective accessories! Here are 5 accessorizing tips to help make your outfit look more expensive without having to break the bank.

  1. Jewelry can instantly spice up your clothing. Statement necklaces are a great way to bring new life to any outfit combination. Plus, oversized necklaces and bubble necklaces are extremely popular this season. Consider purchasing a few high quality necklaces that will be sure to get some attention. Choose neutrals like gold, silver, or white so that they will be interchangeable with different outfits and fabric colors.
  2. Master your hair. A great blow dry can truly add class to your style, no matter what outfit you have on! Be sure to purchase a wide, round brush. The wider the brush, the more amplified the volume of your hair will be. Many of these brushes now come in a ceramic material that will heat up similar to a flat iron when heated by the hair dryer. This can provide you with a lot of volume and a sleek, polished look. Also, try using a texturizing product to keep your hair full and in check throughout the day. Another option is to try a slick up do. Pulling your hair into a refined and sophisticated bun can accentuate your cheekbones and add elegance.
  3. Maintain your nails. A great way to look your best is to keep your hands and toes perfectly polished. Nothing looks less classy than chipped polish and hangnails. Try to get regular manicures and pedicures to help keep the condition of your nails in top shape. Choose polish colors that are neutral so that they will enhance your look such as a French manicure, pinks, or nudes. Avoid neon colors, sparkles, or strange designs. These can often look childish and unprofessional. Getting a sophisticated manicure will allow you to show off your toes in sandals and look professional with a neat manicure so that you look your best no matter what outfit you have on. Versatility is key.
  4. Perfume is absolutely an accessory. Finding a unique and noticeable perfume is a great way to accentuate and improve any outfit. Perfume can add to your overall appearance and presentation. Try to find a scent that smells great with the oils in your skin since perfumes smell entirely different from person to person. Have a light perfume for the spring and summer months as well as a muskier or heavy scent for the fall and winter. It is often best to splurge a bit on these perfumes for a high quality product in a size that will last.
  5. Finally, shoes can enhance any outfit. It is best to have a good variety of shoe options for various occasions in neutral colors that will work with all sorts of outfit combinations. Be sure to have one pair of flats, a pair of flat boots, a pair of boots with a heel, sandals, high heels and more. Having shoes that are appropriate for both casual and fancy situations is essential. An appropriate shoe can really help an outfit come together, look complete, and be well thought out so that you don’t look over or under dressed for your intended style.

When trying to make your look more expensive, you may want to avoid tattoo clothing brands or other fashion staples that do not look expensive. Stick to classic styles and colors, even if you can’t afford designer clothes. Once you have your wardrobe, glam it up with great accessories such as jewelry, perfume, a manicure and pedicure, shoes, and a fantastic, professional looking blow dry. These essential accessories with ensure that you always look your best, without having to buy top of the line clothing items.

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