Steal Eva Longoria’s Gabrielle Solis Style

Eva LongoriaCabochon Drop Earrings by Luisa di Gresy14K Pink Drop Pearl Earrings

Since I missed the last episode of Desperate Housewives, I’ve been catching up on what I missed. According to, Eva Longoria Parker (aka Gabrielle Solis) wore these Luisa di Gresy Cabochon Drop Earrings in pink opal (available from, $1995) on the 4/27 episode. For a similiar (less expensive) look, I suggest these 14K Pink Drop Pearl Earrings (available from, $106.81).

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  1. On a recent episode, Gabby and Carlos gave Lynette that huge TV to thank her for saving their daughter’s life. The top Gabby wore during that scene as well as when they went to see the man about getting their daughter into that private school is the one i’m referring to. I am dying to find out where that top came from. It is SO cute. It’s sleaveless, black and white and had adorable little black buttons going down the front. I can’t find any info on it anywhere.

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