Helpful Suggestions to Make Your Wedding Proposal Memorable

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There is a lot to worry about when popping the question, from how to buy an engagement ring to how to actually pop the question. It’s nerve-racking, but in the end, it’s worth it. Allow us to take a little off your plate by suggesting three easy but creative ways to pop the question.

Carnival Games

Carnival games are fun, but they’re even more fun when you’re with your partner. Just as the millions of girls who have spied a prize they want only to be presented with it by their significant other. If you are more of a fun-loving couple, this is definitely for you if you find a fun way to do it, like put the ring in the game as a prize before winning it and presenting it to her, even better.

A Photoshoot

A photoshoot for the holidays could be a great segway into proposing that you spend every holiday together. The scenery and music are enough to create a lovely atmosphere, all that you need to do is ask.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a timeless classic. For the fiancé who doesn’t want the whole world watching as she takes her future into her own hands, this can be perfect. You don’t need an audience to have one of the best moments of your life. Keep it simple and sweet by bringing her favorite breakfast and flowers to her bedside before asking her to be your wife.

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If you’re a musician, what better than to sing or play your love? Music is very romantic, and a song from a lover is even more so. There are many ways to pull this one off. From singing your song with an added verse to writing your own song, a little work can go a long way, and she will be sure to keep you in her heart forever.

A Helicopter Ride

For the adventure-seekers, a helicopter ride is a dream come true, but a helicopter ride and a proposal? That’s all the adventure you need for a lifetime. It’s easy to build the atmosphere up with gazing out the window at the scenery below. You can build to a quiet moment where you finally ask her to marry you. If your girl loves wild rides, this is sure to win her heart.

On the Lake

Asking her to be your wife on the lake is always romantic. Think of how many scenes from your favorite romantic comedy include this and allowing the atmosphere to slowly pull them closer. It’s easy to rent a canoe; keep it romantic by packing a picnic or bringing a game that she loves. Make her know she’s special before you pull the ring out of your pocket.

Keeping it Simple

If you’re a casual couple, playing catch might be all the activity you need to pop the question. It’s simple, but you spend time together, and you can talk. If you’re looking for a cute way to pop the question, you can always switch out the ring box for the ball and toss her that instead, which is sure to be a surprise.

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