5 Major Celebrities Turned Interior Designers

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Celebrities are forever looking for ways to break the rules. In rock and roll that most often leads to wild hotel parties and devastating court cases. But for well-adjusted celebs, the goal is to stay fresh by expanding beyond what they are known for in new and creative ways. That’s why celebrated singers take on the challenge of acting in film and television, why film stars often campaign for political office or invest their time attempting to enact social change, and why Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, tried his luck on the baseball diamond. Sometimes the results are terrifying (see “His Airness”), but other times a unique and creative match can be found. This has become the case more and more frequently when celebrities from various industries attempt to find their way as interior designers. Here are five names you know well for exploits in other areas that now ply their trade as part-time interior designers.

Kirstie Alley has been famous for decades now. Earlier on in her acting career she was a staple on “Cheers”, later she became known more for awkward dieting commercials. But before any of that she was actually an interior designer. And after she and Oprah Winfrey famously redecorated one fan’s entire home she’s gone on to continue those efforts in a very public way. Her design tastes aren’t always spot on, but her efforts are constantly entertaining.

Jane Seymour is a Hollywood legend. The star of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” stole the show in the breakout comedy hit “Wedding Crashers” and continues to expand her repertoire on the stage and screen. But while we’ve seen her ply a new trade with affordable jewelry, her true creativity is coming through in home design. In fact, she recently published a gorgeous book called “Making Yourself at Home” which is all about cultivating a style that fits you and your budget. It’s full of great advice, and unlike efforts by other celebs it recognizes that not everyone has an endless charge account.

Justin Timberlake wins ladies’ hearts on stage singing and dancing and on screen in hit films such as “The Social Network”. But did you know that when he’s taking a break from recording, performing, and helping to resurrect MySpace he works in design as co-founder of HomeMint? It’s a website for all things design, and Timberlake is listed as the co-curator. So everything you see on there has his hand in it.

Lenny Kravitz has had quite an impressive career. He’s enjoyed the rock lifestyle as a charting musician for over two decades, and recently turned in a unique and key performance in the worldwide cinematic hit “The Hunger Games”. But did you know he’s got quite the home design collection? Head onto the internet and check out Kravitz Design, Lenny’s far-reaching side gig. You’ll find lighting fixtures crafted entirely of Swarovski crystal, unique wallpaper patterns and even custom furniture pieces.

The final name on our list of celebrities turned designers in Beyonce. Jay-Z’s equally famous wife is not only one of the best-selling musicians on the planet and an award-nominated actress, she’s also the founder and chief designer behind the House of Dereon. This widely available design company features lush carpet styles, drapery and bedding, exactly what you’d expect from a diva of her stature.