3 Popular Fashion Sites Like ASOS

sites like Asos

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With fashion progressing to be more inclusive and cater to everyone’s individual style, finding a reliable brand becomes increasingly difficult.

There is an influx of online clothing sites trying to get the perfect balance of attraction, affordability, and quality. So, which ones have the right formula?


The popular online fashion store, ASOS, was founded in the UK in 2002. ASOS offers more than 850 brands in its store to try and meet every type of taste. The brand’s popularity comes from its ability to provide body-positive pieces in its clothing, catering to both men and women. Typically, the ASOS brand targets a younger adult demographic, as most other fast fashion brands do. Even though it may appeal to the younger shopper, ASOS provides a wide array of styles that meet the needs of varying personalities.

Despite its popularity, ASOS is not as affordable as everyone would like it to be, especially for a brand targeting a younger population. Fortunately, there are other sites like ASOS that you can look to if you don’t think the brand meets your style.

3 Sites Like ASOS – Top Alternatives to Try

1. Boohoo

In 2006, Boohoo was a clothing brand that only provided fashion pieces for women. Fortunately, Boohoo has quickly evolved to include men’s fashion and pieces that are more inclusive of various body shapes and sizes.

Even though Boohoo, like ASOS, targets a younger demographic, its prices and range of styles are way more appealing. The team at Boohoo is constantly adding updated styles almost every day to meet the demand of the ever-changing trends. If staying up-to-date with trends is important to you, BooHoo surely won’t disappoint.

2. Pretty Little Thing

Launched in 2012 and based in the UK, Pretty Little Thing currently ships to over 180 countries. The brand is owned by Boohoo and aims to provide affordable fashion pieces for women inspired by catwalk and celebrity trends. The brand collaborates with public figures to curate new collections that appeal to different styles.

If you’re looking for fun, flirty and feminine fashion pieces, Pretty Little Thing is the one for you. With its signature baby pink packaging, the brand aims its styles at women aged 16 to 42.

3. Shein

Shein is an online fashion store superseding ASOS because it provides super trendy styles for incredibly low prices. The store is based in China but is accessible worldwide. Shein’s catalog is extensive. You can find anything from baby clothes, men’s and women’s fashion, jewelry, beauty products, and even electronic and home products. When you create an account on their app, the store gets to know your style through your purchases, suggesting pieces that will match your style. Shein is a fashion store that caters to absolutely all ages.

Shein always tries to keep customers happy by providing different discount vouchers and incentives, so you can always guarantee you’re getting a bargain. When shopping on this site, it’s best always to read reviews so that you can make sure to purchase the quality you desire.

SheIn Women's Elegant Asymmetrical Twist Front Off Shoulder Top Plain High Low Blouse Black Large

To Wrap Up

We can all enjoy the pleasure of shopping from our favorite store in the comfort of our own homes. Selecting pieces that would look amazing in your closet while looking at your closet makes for better purchases.

As more online stores become more inclusive of different body types and personalities, you will find the best one for you. If ASOS has not been giving you what you desire, just select any of these other great stores we’ve selected.