Discover The Ultimate Way to Brush & Comb Your Hair

how to Brush & Comb Hair

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Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Steal the Style

It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, you’re going to need to brush or comb it to help it look its best. However, long brushing sessions are not good for your hair. If you’re not brushing properly you’ll be placing strain on the roots and this can cause hair to be pulled out.

Considering there are plenty of natural reasons to lose hair, you don’t need to be increasing your hair loss. Instead, follow this guide to brushing or combing your hair properly. It won’t just protect your hair, it will save you time.

Start With The Right Products

There are several products which need to be chosen correctly to allow correct brushing. It starts with the right shampoo and conditioner. You should choose natural products that don’t strain your hair. Alongside this, you can get products that help to remove tangles, reducing the amount of brushing you need.

But, that’s not the only products you’ll want to invest in. Potentially the most important item is your choice of brush or comb. In general, brushes are essential if you have longer hair while combs can handle shorter hair. But, a comb can also be a good starting point for thicker hair, use it before you brush.

Fine hair will generally respond better to brushes and combs with small gaps while thicker hair needs larger gaps. This ensures they are effective without stressing your hair.

It’s worth taking a look at the array of products on offer by Oz Hair & Beauty, you’ll find your needs are well catered for. For example, you’ll find vulcanite combs, that’s a type of hard rubber, these are great for combing hair as they are anti-static and easy to keep clean. They are also moulded to ensure no jagged edges.

Don’t Forget The Bristles

While looking at brushes you should note there are different types of bristle. One of the best choices, especially for oily hair, is boar bristle. This is naturally and surprisingly gentle on your hair.

Soft nylon bristles can also be effective but you should avoid ones with metal prongs.

The Brushing Motion

If you’re brushing tangles out of your hair you should always start at the bottom of your hair and work toward the root. This allows you to hold your hair above where you are brushing and reduce the strain on your roots.

In fact, this approach is best regardless of whether you have tangles or not.

Naturally, you will want to use a slow smooth motion and minimize the number of times the brush moves through your hair. Each time you brush it you create friction which damages and dries out the hair.

It’s also important to note that wet hair is heavier, making it easier to damage it or stress your roots. Ideally, brush your hair when it is dry. But, if you need to do it while it’s wet, be as gentle as possible.