6 Reasons To Start Boxing Training

Woman Boxer Photo

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Woman Boxer Photo

The first thought that springs to mind for most people when boxing training is mentioned is getting hit and repeatedly. However, boxing training doesn’t necessarily require taking punches to the face and body. There are many elements to training for boxing and the exercise and workouts have many health benefits, to find out more read on.

Stress Relief

Boxing training is an excellent form of stress relief and who doesn’t get stressed out in today’s modern world. After a hard day at work more and more people are choosing to take up boxing as a way to alleviate the stress that builds up through the day. Personally i can’t think of a better way to get it all out of your system than going to the gym and taking it out on a heavy punch bag or sparring partner lol.

Good Cardio Workout

It goes without saying that boxers have to be physically fit and cardio is a big part of boxing training. From jumping rope to using a heavy bag cardio is at the forefront of many boxing exercise routines and it  isn’t hard to see why with boxing matches been up to 12 three-minute rounds long.

Build Muscle

Generally speaking most boxer’s don’t try to build too much muscle mass. The reason been that muscle weighs a lot more in comparison to normal body fat. With amateur and professional boxers having to reach weight for a bout the amount of muscle they put on has to be carefully monitored with planned exercise and workouts. That been said, building muscle is a natural by-product of boxing training due to its intensity.


This is one of the main reasons why people start to boxing in the first place. Training up to three times a week for 6 months can rapidly improve your self-defense skills at the same time as increasing your reaction speed/reflexes to a dangerous situation.

Improved Hand-Eye Co-ordination

As the body ages it starts to deteriorate and motor neuron skills are one of the many essentials that decline over time. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are hitting the double end bag, sparring or using the very popular speed bag boxing training helps to develop and improve overall hand-eye co-ordination.

Lose Weight 

If weight loss is your fitness goal then you can’t go wrong with boxing training. One of the reasons why boxers are on such a strict diet is because they have to control their calorie intake. With boxing been so physically demanding the amount of calories burned is hard to believe. For example jumping rope or skipping if you’re a girl, can burn up to 10 calories per minute. In addition the average punch bag workout burns roughly five to six hundred calories.