7 Things That the Mother of the Bride Does For the Bride

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7 Things That the Mother of the Bride Does For the Bride

When it comes to the wedding preparations, mother of the bride either get too much involved or they prefer to take a backseat and let the wedding planner do their job. All mothers do understand that the wedding day is the most important day in their daughter’s life and therefore they do everything in their power to get all the important details right. The happiness of their daughter is of paramount importance and if she asks, mothers are ready to juggle multiple responsibilities to take the burden off the busy bride.

Some pre wedding activities are destined to fall into the mother of the bride’s lap. There are some traditions that the mother of the bride has to follow before the wedding and these activities fall in the same category. If you are clueless about the aforementioned, then we are here to help you out by listing out some activities that mothers and daughters can do together to bond a little extra. As the bride gets ready to step in her new life, she should do the following things with her mother’s assistance.

  1. Taking Shopping Trips Together

Shopping takes a whole new meaning when you are getting married and the bride has to not only shop for her own bridal dress but she also has to pick out dresses for her entourage, especially her bridesmaids. As her mother, you can help accompany her during these shopping trips and help take some stress off by helping her. It helps a lot if the bride has that extra support while shopping and don’t forget to give her some valuable (but not forceful!) advice too on the way. This can work vice a versa too and your daughter too can help you out while you shop for mother of the bride dresses.

If you too are a big fan of Say Yes To The Dress!, then you will remember the different kinds of mothers that accompany the bride to shop for the perfect bridal gown. Some mothers are extremely supportive, both emotionally and financially, while some are extremely opinionated and completely ignore the bride’s wishes. Try to be the former one and remember that at the end of the day, it’s your daughter’s wedding and her opinion matters the most. Your job is to give helpful advice and support her.

  1. Easing Tensions in the Bridal Party

Emotions run high during wedding preparations and there can be so much that can go wrong. That one drunken uncle at the wedding is nothing compared to what happens when fights break out amidst the wedding party. Disagreements are nothing new but resolving them quickly without any lingering bitterness is the key. Sometimes running interference when bridesmaids make trouble can be necessary and who better to bring peace in the wedding again than the mother of the bride. For example, if the bride’s aunt is insisting on calling a particular music band that is completely not suiting the wedding tone, the mother of the bride can step in take charge of the situation.

Bridesmaids too are going to listen more to the mother of the bride than the bride herself. If things get out of hand and disagreements crop up, the mother of the bride can help smoothen out those rough edges easily.

  1. Finding Family Heirlooms and Researching Traditions

Traditions vary and different families have some specific traditions that they follow. This is true for weddings too and the bride’s or the groom’s family might have some family traditions that they want to include in the ceremony. The bride’s mother can help incorporate them and also find some precious family heirlooms for the bride or the groom for the special day.

  1. Preparing Wedding Invitations

People opting for a traditional wedding will have wedding invitations issued from the parents itself. Therefore, it is better and a nice gesture to have an opinion from the mother of the bride. If the parents are divorced then, take the opinion and needs of both parties into consideration. The mother of the bride can help in the designing and lettering of the wedding invitation by giving some valuable advice.

  1. Preparing the Guest List

The guest list is perhaps the most confusing things to do because after sending the wedding invitations to the obvious parties, some hard thinking needs to be done to determine how many people are going to attend your wedding. When it comes to the extended family members, the mother of the bride can be a great help in pruning out the guest list and including only the people who matter. An inline spreadsheet is a great resource that will help to keep track of all the RSVPs that are sent on the way.

  1. The Wedding Registry

When it comes to home goods and décor, mothers know the best. They have been around longer and have all the necessary information about what is useful and what is not. Including her is really important when you are picking up things for the wedding registry because she can save you a lot of trouble by helping you pick only the things that you will truly need after your wedding. Therefore, don’t underestimate a mother’s foresight and do include her in the process to avoid any troubles later on.

  1. Playing the Hostess Role

 When the guests start to arrive, who better to play the hostess than the mother of the bride?  Traditionally too, this role has been designed for the mother of the bride because she knows how to extend that charm and hospitality to the incoming guests. Make it a point to greet each guest and make them feel welcomed. Some of the ways this can be done is by receiving them when they arrive, throwing a dinner or an afternoon tea to help the guests mingle among themselves and by gifting them some souvenir from the wedding.

We hope the mother of the bride has some idea about the things that she can do for the bride. Do comment to let us know what you thought about the activities that are mentioned above.