7 Tips for Creating and Sticking to a New Beauty Routine

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Women spend twice as much on their faces compared with men on average. Keeping your skin healthy and clear is particularly important for many women.

However, even if you’re determined to achieve clearer and beautiful skin, it’s not always easy to stick to your beauty routine. If you want a skin routine that makes you look younger than you are, it can be overwhelming coming up with a morning beauty routine that works.

Read the below blog post to discover everything you need to know to make sure your beauty routine is one you can keep up.

1. Organize Your Skincare Items Together

Are your make-up and skincare items all over the place? You’ll have clutter everywhere that can stop you from getting to work on your skin.

The average woman has over forty make-up items, and yet, they only use around 87% of their total make-up bag.

You need to declutter your make-up drawer before you do anything. Staying organized with your skincare items is essential if you’re going to stay committed.

That means not leaving your skincare items all over your bedroom or bathroom. You need to organize them together in one place.

The average American spends two-and-a-half days simply searching for stuff around their home. Don’t add make-up and skincare products to your list of things to locate.

2. Treat Yourself With Your Application Area

If you want to stay committed to your skincare routine, then you need to ensure that your application area is a pleasant place to spend time.

This starts with staying tidy and organized. You might also want to invest in a dressing table that makes you feel welcome.

The lighting is important too. If you can’t see your face properly, you’ll struggle to apply your skincare products. Therefore, situating your application area next to a bright window or a strong light could help convince you to keep at it.

Finally, you might even find that some decorations could further improve the experience. Add a bunch of your favorite flowers or photographs of friends.

3. Set Yourself an Alarm on Your Smartphone

You love your beauty routine, but you keep forgetting before bed? You don’t want to go to bed every night without remembering to do your skincare routine. 

It’s difficult to remember if you’re just now trying to build a new habit. To help you along the way, try setting an alarm or daily calendar reminder on your phone. It might also help to leave a sticky note or message on your bathroom mirror.

4. Keep Your Skin Wipes and Cotton Balls in Stock

You don’t want to run out of anything that is essential for your skincare routine.

That’s why it’s important to buy clean wipes and cotton balls. Having plenty of stock is really important to ensure you don’t have any excuses for keeping your routine.

How are you going to remember? Keep your containers transparent so you’re always able to see when you’re running low on essentials.

5. Get Inspiration From YouTubers 

The average time young people spend watching videos on YouTube has already doubled in the past four years.

Whenever you’re worried about a skincare tip or looking to improve your ten-step Korean skin regime, look to YouTube. There are tons of make-up and skincare tutorials on the platform. You can get a bunch of ideas about how to create your beauty routine in only a few minutes.

YouTube is also a great place to find reviews for new products you wouldn’t have thought to try otherwise.

6. Track Your Progress With Photos

According to the stats, 37 percent of Americans use Instagram. This makes the social media platform a great place to show off your skincare routine. If you have a loyal audience eager to see the improvements to your skin routine over time, then you’ll be more motivated to keep it up.

Even if you don’t want to post any photos online, you can still take photos of your face to see how your skin has improved over time. Seeing the difference from one day to the next is a really great way to discipline yourself to stick to your routine.

7. Keep Everything Simple

If you try to start with a complex twenty-step beauty routine, then you may not be able to keep it up forever. But, if you’re less ambitious and more realistic, you’ll stand a better chance of sticking to your goals.

For example, start by making a point to always remove your make-up before you go to bed. Up to one-third of women sleep up to twice per week with make-up on. This can damage your skin since it’s not designed to be worn for twenty-four hours at a time, leading to acne.

Not making your beauty routine too complicated is crucial to sticking to it. You only need to put on a firming mask a couple of times per week, not every night. 

Sticking to Your Daily Beauty Routine

Once you have decided on your daily beauty routine, then you need to stick to it. But, this is easier said than done.

You don’t want to make real progress with your skin over the first week to let it go to waste the next week. However, if you follow our tips and tricks you’ll be able to maintain your beauty regime without floundering. 

Do you want to know more about how to design a beauty routine that you actually stick to? Check out our blog to discover everything you need to know!