A Look At The Best Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

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Looking for a permanent hair removal solution that won’t break the bank? Most of us have tried shaving or waxing only to have the hairs grow back even thicker. Laser hair removal has been in existence for several years now but treatments can be costly with multiple appointments needed for long lasting results.

Fortunately home laser hair removal machines now enable safe and affordable treatments in the comfort of your own home with similar results as professional sessions. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular home laser hair removal devices.

Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men, IMENE 500,000 Flashes IPL Permanent Hair Removal & Upgrade Ice Compress - Home Use Hair Remover on Bikini line, Legs, Arms, Armpits - More Safe and Comfortable

1. BESTEK IPL Laser Hair Removal Painless Device for Women and Men

BESTEK IPL Laser Hair Removal Painless Device for Women and Men with FDA Cleared Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes Ice Cooling Permanent Reduction in Hair Regrowth at Home for Whole Body Armpits Legs Arms

The IPL laser hair removal device uses the newest technology applied in hair removal system called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Clinically results proved that IPL hair removal machine is gentle, effective, with no side effects. Up to 93.7% of women experienced noticeable results after just 2 months complete treatment. The hair removal produced with the latest Ice Cool technology and this make hair removal painless.

2. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men, Fuchsia, HRL

Most home laser hair removal devices are meant for all body use but Tria has now developed a machine that is safe to use on the face. The treatment surface area of the Tria Precision is smaller and angled making it easy to treat small areas like the chin, upper lip and around the forehead.

Tria’s laser devices safely deliver over 3 times more hair-eliminating energy than any IPL or other at-home hair removal devices. This means each follicle that is within the treatment area will be exposed to more energy than within an IPL device.

3. mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device

mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elōs Technology - With 200,000 Pulses

What we like best about the Me Smooth is that it can be used by individuals with all hair & skin colors unlike the majority of home laser hair removal machines. The Me Smooth can be used all over the body and on the face. It uses IPL technology in order to use a lower level of energy compared to diode. This enables the Me Smooth to be used on different skin tones. A major plus is that it doesn’t require charging but will need cartridge replacement.

Me My Elos Replacement Cartridge 50,000 Light Pulses

Still not sure which machine is right for you? Online shopping makes it easy to find the right permanent home laser hair removal machine based on your budget, treatment areas, skin and hair color.

Although the initial cost may seem high, keep in mind that the cost of each of these devices is about just the same as one professional laser treatment. Given the fact that numerous sessions are required for permanent results makes buying a home laser hair removable machine a smart choice money wise.

The Best Home Laser Hair Removal Machines