Choosing the Perfect Accessories for the Little Black Dress

Black Dress accessories

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Meet the little black dress… An iconic and chic fashion staple that lives in every woman’s closet. Created by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the LBD forever changed women’s fashion.

This versatile piece is the perfect choice to wear to work, a special event, or holiday party. It helps to have a few different styles of the LBD in your closet. Then you can use accessories to create a new outfit each time you wear the dress.

The right accessories also make it easy to transition your outfit from day to night. Read on to learn how to style the LBD to make an even greater fashion statement.

1. Add Some Statement Jewelry

A statement necklace or earrings work to complement any style of little black dress. Choose between hoops, studs, or dangly style earrings, depending on your event.

Stacked bracelets, cufflinks, a sleek watch, or glamourous rings are other jewelry options. You can also hang beads, turquoise stones, or colorful gems around your neck. This is a great way to show off a strapless or high-neck dress.

A simple strand of pearls is also a top choice for enhancing your look with necklaces. This classic Audrey Hepburn look never goes out of style. This fashion pairing is so popular that this exact dress sold for over $800,000 at an auction.

Jewelry offers a way to add color or a bit of shine to your little black dress. Wholesale silver chains are a subtle and affordable way to enhance your outfit. Simple silver necklace chains dress up your look while adding sparkle.

A detachable embellished collar is another way to make a unique statement. These accessories work well for a black dress with an already-high neckline.

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2. Carry a Chic Clutch

64% of women name the LBD as their go-to wardrobe staple. This means most women will wear some style of this dress at least once a week.

The perfect little black dress always needs a handbag to go with it. A clutch is an ideal choice as it won’t overwhelm this fashion piece.

This tiny hand-sized purse helps hold all your essentials. Pairing the right clutch with your dress also adds a pop of color or texture.

You can go with a black clutch to keep things minimalistic. You can also go bold with a bright color. Another idea is to get creative with animal prints or alligator skin texture.

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3. Wrap a Belt Around Your Waist

Belts are a popular choice when accessorizing your little black dress. They offer a slimming effect while enhancing your feminine shape. Belts even work well on a shift, A-line, or flare style black dress.

Play around with different materials to add texture to your outfit. You can go with a simple belt buckle in a gold or silver finish.

A thin leather belt is great for adding subtle style when at work. A belt in sparkly diamonds completes your look for a classier event.

Different belt sizes help to switch up your style as well. Compare your look with a thick or thin belt for different design effects.

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4. Wear a Scarf

Top fashion advice also includes accessorizing a little black dress during colder temperatures. A scarf can complete your look in a thin or chunky material depending on the weather.

A scarf also works to attract attention to your neckline. Use it to add a unique print or pattern to your outfit. Different materials, like cotton, silk, or satin enhance your look as well.

You can be bold in a leopard print satin scarf. A warm and chunky knit blanket scarf will add comfort to a more casual dress.

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5. Bring a Jacket

Depending on the weather, a jacket is a great way to accessorize your dress. It offers both function and style for your fashion statement.

You can’t go wrong with an all-black look. Yet, it can also be fun to add in a bold color with a jacket.

Throwing a leather moto jacket over your LBD creates a cool city style. Adding a jean jacket instead will provide a more casual look.

A wool peacoat is ideal to wear to work or a party in the winter. Adding a faux-fur coat over your little black dress makes a fun statement as well. In warmer months, a chic blazer with rolled-up sleeves also does the trick.

Not loving the look of a jacket with your dress? A stylish poncho can enhance your outfit while keeping you warm.

When wearing a strapless dress, a fur shawl or shrug will keep your shoulders covered. This look works well at fancier events, like holiday parties.

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6. Choose Between Tights or Stockings

This accessory tip depends on how short your dress is and how the weather is. Pairing tights with shorter styles tend to make women feel more comfortable than baring their legs. Your legs are also tanner in the summer, meaning tights are not as needed.

Fall, winter, and spring often call for a pair of tights or stockings to go with your dress. Black tights make a classic style statement when paired with your LBD. Different patterns can enhance your look, like swiss polka dots or herringbone.

Nude or colored tights are another accessory option. Another bonus to wearing tights is you don’t need to take time to shave your legs that day.

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7. Say Yes to Stilettos

The LBD and a pair of stilettos are a match made in heaven. For a more subtle statement, go with black heels or neutrals in blush or tan. You can even shake things up with a vibrant color like electric blue, fiery red, or hot pink.

Pairing nude pumps with a black dress may make your legs look slimmer, longer, and less pale. Yet, when wearing black tights you’ll want to go with black or colored heels.

Shoe materials like suede and leather will also add more texture to your look. Choose between pumps or ankle-strap heels, depending on your plans.

If you’re not feeling heels, flats also work well with most little black dresses. These are a great alternative when you have a long way to walk.

A pair of strappy sandals or booties offers another great look for this outfit. In the winter, pairing tall boots with a short black dress makes a chic statement.

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7. Layer It on

Laying is another unique way to accessorize your little black dress for a different look. A sleeveless dress can pair well with an undershirt. This could be either a white button-up or long sleeve tee.

You can also choose from a polka dot printed button-down or another cute pattern design. Sheer silk sleeves offer a feminine and sophisticated style for your LBD.

Another trending fashion statement is to have a collar peeking out of the top of your dress. This creates a nice professional look for wearing to work. You’ll look like you stepped right out of a J. Crew catalog.

Layering a cardigan over the top of your dress is another sophisticated look. Wearing a chunky oversized sweater over the top of your dress creates a cool and casual vibe. A slimming vest can also work well with your black dress.

The fashion runway is also showing a lot of sheer fabric dress overlays. These are trending in floral or print patterns.

These dresses are still see-through so you can see the stylish LBD beneath. See-through fishnet dress materials are another overlay option for creating a unique look.

8. Accessorize Your Hair

Accessorizing your hairstyle helps add color, texture, and contrast to an all-black wardrobe. Chunky clips are currently trending in women’s hairstyles. Use these to add sparkle with gemstones, colors, prints, and other patterns.

A headband or boho-inspired crown offers a fun and whimsical look. Your little black dress also gets enhanced when wearing a hat.

A fedora, bucket hat, or beanie each offers a different style vibe. You can also go with a beret for a chic look. A cute cowboy hat will add a bit of southern charm to your style as well.

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9. Throw Some Shade

Sunglasses help protect your skin and eyes from damage. Yet, they also add significant style to your LBD look.

A pair of big oversized black sunglasses offer a sophisticated vibe. Colorful or printed shades add contrast and a nice color-blocking effect. Frames with jewels or other embellishments will make your outfit sparkle more.

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Making a Fashion Statement With the Little Black Dress

The little black dress is one of the most essential pieces of fashion for any woman. It makes it easy to switch up your style from casual to classy or from day to night.

Pairing your LBD with the right accessories also helps to enhance your wardrobe. These pieces allow you to create a unique fashion statement every time you wear your dress.

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