Best Urban Outfitters Dupes from Clothing to Decor

urban outfitter fashion dupes

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Best Urban Outfitters Dupes

If you love the style and vibe of Urban Outfitters’ clothing, shoes, and décor items, but you can’t quite afford the prices, read on for some great dupes!

Urban Outfitters is a highly trendy retailer that stocks new-in fashions, apartment décor, furniture, accessories, and more. While Urban Outfitters is highly desirable to many consumers, the price tags can often be a bit out of one’s price range.

If this is the case, you may start looking for Urban Outfitters dupes for their popular items.

You can find Urban Outfitters style at different retailers, often at more affordable prices. If you want to find affordable stores like Urban Outfitters where you can find trendy items in similar styles, here’s what you should know.

What is Urban Outfitters?

Urban Outfitters has been a herald of new trends in fashion, décor, and accessories since their original stores opened in West Philadelphia long ago. The store is known for its cool and engaging vibe both in wares and in structure: often featuring exposed brick, wood ceilings, and original architectural aspects.

Urban Outfitters sells clothing, shoes, knick knacks, wall art and décor, furniture, music, and more.

Urban Outfitters clothes and Urban Outfitters home items are often associated with younger, hipper audiences seeking out the newest in style.

Alternatives to Urban Outfitters

While Urban Outfitters offers numerous trendy and desirable styles across all their wares, the price points can be steep. For that reason, you may want to look for alternatives to Urban Outfitters with the same trending styles but with more accessible prices. If you’re looking for the same vibe but with lower price points, you can find duped Urban Outfitters products at both brick-and-mortar and at online boutiques.

Urban Outfitters Clothing Store Dupes

One of the key categories that you may be seeking when it comes to cheaper alternatives from Urban Outfitters is Urban Outfitters clothing dupes.

These on-trend, fresh styles may seem completely unique to the retailer at first, but there are affordable stores similar to Urban Outfitters than you can find, too.

Top Shop @ ASOS 

A trendy British brand now offered exclusively to US audiences at ASOS.

ASOS is known for having a vast array of clothing brands, styles, and price ranges, and their partnership with Top Shop makes shopping the brand so much easier.

Top Shop has many clothing items that are similar to Urban Outfitters style, including fresh new cuts of jeans, trendy dresses, edgy outerwear, and more.




If you’re looking for clothing dupes at an even more accessible price point, Boohoo may be a great option for you. This online retailer delivers coveted styles at unbeatable price tags. Another great place for Urban Outfitters dupes is Free People. This brand is actually under the same umbrella and has the same founder as Urban Outfitters, so you’re sure to see the same quality and taste as at UO.

If you’re looking for an it-style piece or event wear and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, Shein offers a wide variety of clothing options for you. All on-trend and mega affordable, Shein’s items range from jumpsuits to trench coats. Missguided is a bold, global brand that prides itself on offering trendy pieces inspired by street style and pop culture, similar to Urban Outfitters. This brand has an easy-to-navigate website that makes finding dupes a snap.

Urban Outfitters Apartment Décor Dupes

Aside from Urban’s hip clothing styles, their home décor and furniture are some of the most popular items they offer.

Target Opalhouse 

If you’re in love with their boho style décor and home accessories, consider checking out the Opalhouse line at Target, and the sister collection designed by Jungalow lifestyle influencer Justyna Blakeney.

Jungalow: Decorate Wild: The Life and Style Guide



If you are looking for something more simple but love the look of Urban Outfitters bedding and bedroom essentials, Overstock has a range of simple, chic styles that rival the trendy retailer’s offerings. 




Wayfair has similar rugs, but at more affordable prices—which is rare for area rugs! One home accessory that Urban Outfitters is known for is their unique and trendy rugs.  




Looking for Urban Outfitters home essentials, but want more options?

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics, the in-house Amazon brand, has your back, especially when it comes to great touches for your living room and kitchen. The Urban Outfitters apartment style is highly sought after because it seems so put together, yet eclectic. That is partially due to UO stylists’ expert taste in wall art and décor.

Amazon Basics 30 x 48 Inch Rectangular School Activity Kids Table, Ball Glide Legs, Adjustable Height 19-30 Inch, Grey and Black


If you’re looking for a similar look, consider paying a bit less and also supporting independent makers by shopping wall art at Etsy. You are sure to find a unique, charming piece for your home or apartment.