Celebration Ideas For Every Holiday

Monopoly Game

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Tons of holidays exist throughout the year, some national, some homemade and some personal. Whatever holiday is coming up, there is always an emphasis on food and gifts. Take Thanksgiving as an example. As much as this is a holiday with deep roots in history, the focus is on the turkey. St. Valentines is a day where we celebrate love, and you will find that the focus will be on valentine’s ideas for her or him. How about we veer a little from this concept? How about we take time to appreciate each other? That is not to say that we should not enjoy food and gifts, but that there is more to holidays than this. Here are a few ideas that will come in handy for the next holidays:

Card/ Board Games

Often, you will find that people use food as a form of distraction. They will have their hands full of drinks and snacks during most of the party. While this elevates the mood, it gets in the way of social interactions. So how about trying some games the next time? The good thing about these activities is that they work for all ages and skill levels. You can also choose a game that will work for the time you have for the party.

Monopoly Game

It could be a checkers game, a round of risk, a set of scrabble or other game that suits the people attending the party. Or you could ask your guests to come up with ideas and get into what they like about these games. Sure, there may be sore losers in the game. But as long as the games are fun, everyone should walk away with a smile on their face.

Volunteer Work

Have you heard that being of service to others is an easy way to elevate your mood? It goes that if you are having a rough day, helping someone else would be a great way to lift your spirit. Now, look at the holidays from a different light. As much as these days are full of fun, some people lose out on the fun as they are all alone. Remember the Grinch? The poor guy hated Christmas as he did not have anyone with him around this time. And when he finally got the chance to be part of the festivities, he turned out to be a happy chap.


We can borrow a leaf from this story and be of help to a deserving person in the community. It could be an elderly neighbor who cannot carry their grocery shopping. You could visit them, clean the home and make them a hot meal. Or you could take gifts to kids in the hospital. Whatever makes someone else feel better about themselves will also brighten your day.



As opposed to staying in, eating and interacting with each other behind closed doors, try hiking. The good thing about this activity is that you can do it in any weather. If it’s summer, you can head up the hills. When it snows, you can go snow hiking or ice skating. Try taking a walk. It helps to open up your mind as you take in the fresh air. It also helps you to view your neighborhood during the holidays when everything feels different. Plus, it is an easy way to stay fit during the holidays. If you like this, how about taking part in a run. The holidays are full of charitable events where you can sweat for a good cause. If you cannot find such a race in your area, you can set one up and have fun watching people struggle to catch their breaths. But it is all for a good cause, so no harm there.

Or you could stay in, decorate the house and have a fun night watching classic movies. Caroling is also an option. Anything that helps you bond with your loved ones is welcome. Have fun!