How to Choose the Best Catering Service Provider?

Catering Finger Food

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While organizing any event it is crucial to keep in mind that the quality of food can make or break any good event. Therefore, while organizing a party or an event, hiring the right caterer is one of the most crucial decisions. The flavour, quality and appearance of the food must be of high standards as only bad food is more than enough to upset all the guests.

Flexible menu

Every caterer has a few standard menu options according to a few common event types. Most caterers will be willing to switch some items of the menu with close substitutes or customize certain items on the menu according to your preference. A good catering service provider will be willing to go the extra mile to make items according to your occasion, taste and dietary needs. Since good food has a good party, cancel out a caterer who is not willing to challenge himself and make the special food item you want for your party.

Stay in budget

Hiring a caterer for an event is an expensive affair.  A caterer will always quote extravagant prices while stating his cost and menu for the party. Since your catering budget reflects how much money you have left for organizing the rest of the event, make sure you bargain a good deal. Enquire about the quality of vegetables, meat and other things as a bad caterer will often use low-quality products to cut his cost. Draw up a contract specifying the quality of raw materials, the quantity of food to be provided and price so that there is no discrepancy later.


Tasting service

It is crucial to hire catering services from someone who is willing to offer a sample tasting session of the complete menu to be served at your event. This tasting is crucial as you will be able to give feedback and make small improvements to the food before the event. A flexible caterer will take those recommendations and the food will be as close to your taste and preference as possible. If you are offering alcohol with food at your event taste the kind of alcohol to be served as well as make sure it complements the taste of the food.

Nature of service

Make sure you brief your caterer thoroughly about how the food is to be served. Dinner at an event can be either buffet style or a sit-down dinner. Make sure there is adequate staff available to serve the starters and drinks. The bar staff should be well trained in mixing drinks that guests ask for. Make sure you discuss with the caterer previously about the availability and expertise of the staff. Ill-behaved staff can be a big problem and guests might feel offended at your party.


Cancellation policy

While drawing up a contract with your caterer, you must make sure that you discuss their cancellation policy as both parties may have to cancel due to various unexpected reasons. If your catering service is unable to work for you at the last moment, then ask them to suggest a good caterer who is available to replace them. In case your event is cancelled, include in the contract that the caterer should refund a certain portion of the deposit. Hire the catering services of a company only when you have agreed to the cancellation terms.

With adequate market research and consulting several caterers make sure you hire services for a good caterer who is ready to bring your vision in terms of food at your party to life. Enquire about his services from previous customers and hire only once you get good feedback.