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Everyone is born with beautiful skin but nobody is truly mindful of its skin until puberty when pimples are most likely to occur. Acne usually starts during adolescence and it’s considered a normal condition of teenage years. But it sometimes continues into adulthood or just shows up in adults who’ve never even had skin problems before.

In this case, you may wonder how can this be happening at your age and what can you do about it. Unfortunately, acne isn’t just for teenagers. It hits adults too often when they least expect it. The good news is experts can help.

Acne: Why does It Happen?

What causes acne? According to, it is not always an easy and quick answer. Some different causes and factors contribute to acne. It is a very common condition that affects both men and women. Acne can be genetic, where your parents have acne so you are prone to it, or it can be environmental that came from dust, food, sunlight, sweating, etc. For some women, it’s related to hormones for example, if they’ve recently had a baby or they have their perimenopausal or menopausal.

The main reasons for men tend to be stress and environmental factors. If guys suddenly start working out or going to the gym and now he is going to have acne on his back. And in other cases, the acne can be traced to a buildup of bacteria that are found on everyone’s skin but usually in smaller amounts.

The skin constantly shedding dead cells and this is a natural way that it breathes and rejuvenates itself. Some of those skin cells get out through the body through tiny holes called pores. These pores are connected to the oil glands through a canal called a follicle. These oil glands produce substance also known as sebum which is a body’s natural moisturizer that lubricates the skin. If the process slows down the oil and skin cells will clump together and clog the pores. If the oil doesn’t go out it will build up underneath and will create bump or pimple.

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Types of Acne

When you know the type of acne you are suffering you can treat it more effectively. Here are some different types of acne:

  • Steroid, bodybuilding, or iatrogenic Acne. Those kinds of acne are triggered by the use of medications or rather abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids.
  • Comedones. They can be two different types – blackheads and whiteheads. Comedones appear when the pore is getting clogged.
  • Acne Vulgaris. It is triggered by a deeper blockage of the pores. This is the most common type of acne. It can be in different forms such as mild, moderate, and severe.
  • Adult female acne. It is normally triggered by hormonal changes.
  • Acne Excoree. It occurs when you pick and meddle with lesions caused by acne vulgaris.
  • Acne Mechanica. This type of acne comes from outside factors – heavy creams and makeup.

Once the type of acne is diagnosed a specialist prescribes the acne treatment in Singapore. And when it is treated correctly it can go very quickly. Many people mistakenly believe that tanning or excessive sun exposure can help clear up acne but in the long run, tanning often makes acne worse. Without intervention, untreated acne forms long-lasting scars that can penetrate deep into the skin.

Laser Acne Treatment

Laser treatment is a procedure in which an attempt to reduce and improve acne skin conditions. This is one of the most successful treatments for acne. It can help and give very good results for acne, scars, and pigmentation removal. The procedure is performed by using a highly controlled laser beam. It creates micro-injuries on the skin and gently breaks down the acne tissue. Laser treatment can also be combined with skin peels. The combination of the two gives really good results.

During the treatment, you will feel a slight warm sensation a little bit of a tingle. It is known as a pain-free treatment so It’s not painful at all. The sore depends on how severe the acne is certain clients will need more than others. The doctors normally recommend three to six treatments. Everyone is suitable for acne laser treatment. The procedure is relatively quick and it takes around 30 minutes. The laser treatment is safe for all skin types.

Chemical Peel for Acne

The chemical peel is used for pigmentation, acne, and acne scars. It has a lot of ingredients to help kind of brighten up the skin. People usually need about four procedures to see good results. Anybody who has pigmentation can also get this peel. So if it is from sun damage, acne scars, sun, or melasma, the peel will help.

What that procedure does is it exfoliates the out layer of the skin to improve skin texture or pigment. The first step of chemical peel is putting a prepping solution on the face, which is acetone, to get the skin absolutely clean. The next step is the peel. The solution is spread over the entire face with one quick pass to lay down the product. The solution is layered on a few more times.

Today, almost every case of acne can be successfully healed. Early treatment of acne reduces the risk of scarring and long-lasting damage to the skin.