Post Workout CBD: 3 Reasons To Use After Working Out

post workout

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Have you noticed that CBD shops are opening up all over the place lately? CBD oil has grown wildly popular over the past few years — so popular that you can find products in your local drugstore or supermarket in addition to the dedicated boutiques.

post workout

In fact, there’s a very good chance that your gym has started selling it as well, alongside the yoga mats, performance clothing, water bottles, and protein bars already on offer at the front desk. That makes sense because CBD oil can be very effective when used post-workout. Here are the top three reasons why!

1. CBD Oil Reduces Inflammation

We tend to forget that inflammation is a normal, even beneficial aspect of our systems. It fights off infection, helps to heal the body after an injury, and is crucial to muscle recovery.

That said, too much of a good thing can become a problem. That’s just what happens when you work out every day. Ardent lifters and Crossfitters can develop chronic inflammation by overzealously exercising without adequate recovery time.

One of CBD’s main selling points is its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation. Scientists believe that CBD oil mimics the action of our neurotransmitters and regulates the metabolic process.

2. CBD Oil Helps With Pain Management

Let’s face it: although a certain amount of DOMS is satisfying and even welcome for athletes, too much can be debilitating. Who wants to go through their life moaning and groaning because yesterday was leg day?

Enter CBD oil.

There currently aren’t any published studies on the role CBD plays in alleviating pain. However, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence — pain relief is the top reason people cite for taking a CBD oil product.

3. Post Workout CBD Is Good for Sleep

The purpose of sleep is to heal the body and repair damaged tissue. Therefore, it’s essential for athletes who seek optimal performance. Another benefit of CBD oil is that it regulates cortisol levels so that you get to sleep faster. 

Additionally, a recent study found that CBD can reduce the symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder. In other words, it boosts the levels of REM sleep we experience during our slumber. Because REM sleep is vital to muscle repair and therefore muscle building, using CBD products can give you an edge.

How to Use CBD After a Workout

HEre’s where things can get tricky. There is an enormous variety of CBD products and delivery methods. What works for your brother or gym buddy might not be at all effective for you. This means you’ll have to do some experimenting to find out which product you get the most benefits from.

CBD comes in several forms that can be ingested — tinctures, capsules, and edibles such as gummy bears. It can also be applied topically. Using a post workout CBD cream or salve can target those overworked muscles for fast relief, but chewing a few gummies or using the tincture under your tongue will provide longer-lasting effects. 

Final Words on CBD for Athletes

CBD is not one-size-fits-all. Nor is it a panacea to cure every problem. However, when used post-workout, it does have a number of advantages. Want to read up on CBD and other supplements? Check out our Health & Wellness Archives!