The Difference Between Ombre And Balayage

The Difference Between Ombre And Balayage

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What is the latest trend of hair coloring lately? Have you ever seen someone’s hair that looks colored but the technique used makes the hair extra shiny? There are two types of hair coloring techniques that becomes high in demand among the customers. It’s called the Ombre and Balayage.

What are Ombre and Balayage?

As a hairstylist, we know what is the difference between the two of them. Before a customer come to the salon, she will call the hairstylist and request for Ombre or Balayage appointment. But, when a customer says “I want Ombre balayage appointment,” it’s clear that she doesn’t know what is the exact word. Ombre and Balayage are the coloring styles for the hair. It has different looks or results on your hair when it’s done. Ombre and Balayage allow your hair to have 2 shades of color in a different way. This is the difference between Ombre and Balayage.

The Ombre Style

In French, Ombre is derived from the word “shadow” which referred to hair “shadow” style. If you request for Ombre, your hair will be having a color transition from darker to lighter or vice versa. For example, at the top of your hair, it will be colored in dark brown. In the middle, the color will be brown, and the color will be lighter at the bottom of the hair.

The idea is, to make your hair looks like there is a transition of color from darker to lighter starting from the top of the hair to the bottom. A competent and trained hairstylist is the one that you should believe to do the Ombre style for your hair. It is not only about mixing and applying the color. It required a high technique and knowledge to perform such application.You also could get such color by hair extensions.

Who Will Love Ombre Style

This hot trend is loved by brunette girls and daring girls. It works the best for the brunette girls than the blonde girls because the color is more noticeable.

If you try to do it at home and it doesn’t turn in the way that you wanted, it is not an Ombre anymore. We call it Homebre. Please make an appointment with your hairstylist and do not try it at home by yourself.

The Balayage Style

If Ombre is derived from French word “Shadow”, Balayage is from the word “sweep”. Usually, Ombre is a style which the color from the dark hair roots gradually becoming lighter towards the end of the hair. In Balayage style, the color is not as dramatic as Ombre.

Balayage is a style to emphasize the shine of the hair. When you are in Balayage appointment, your hair will be applied with color through different sections that will mimic the shine effect when it’s done. This style is looking more natural and enhanced the hair shine.

Who Will Love The Balayage Style

This style makes your hair looks shinier and healthier. The girls who love to spend the time on the beach or working as a model love to have this type of color style because the hair looks like reflecting the sun and shining. It is so natural to look at and suitable for any occasion such as wedding event and graduation day.

Only well-trained or professional hairstylist can perform this technique for your hair. Please do not try this at home without a professional hairstylist there to guide you. If you do it by yourself without the proper tools and technique, your hair will be in a mess. You will be having a hard time to repair your hair later.