How To Preserve Your Mental Health During the Pandemic (and After)

mental health

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Steal the Style

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably felt some form of cabin fever amid the global pandemic. Being cooped up in the house with little to no human interaction for so long tends to take its toll on mental health.

mental health

Are you looking for ways to maintain your sanity? Here are several easy things you can do to curb that cabin fever now and make your life more interesting moving forward.

Take Up a Hobby

Whether you’re working from home or are simply longing for the day when you can get out more, you may be finding yourself with more time on your hands than normal. Taking up a new hobby (or revisiting an old one) can be an effective way to pass time and make yourself feel more productive. The process will help pass the time, and the end result can leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Don’t have the right crafting materials? Fortunately, there are places to buy craft supplies online so you can avoid an unnecessary trip to the store. 

Get Outdoors

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors can be incredibly beneficial to mental health. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, sit outside or head to the lake or beach for the day. Spending time outdoors can prevent you from feeling like you’re trapped inside and provide you with the mental break that comes with a much-needed change of scenery. As a bonus, the sun’s rays purify the air of germs!

Stay Connected

To avoid feelings of emotional isolation while trying to physically distance yourself from others, try your hardest to connect with other people. Today, we have the luxury of virtual connection that our ancestors did not. Send a text, interact on social media or even make a phone call. However you connect, just be sure to remember that your loved ones may be struggling, too. Establish a flow of communication to help each other out! Staying virtually connected with other people may lessen feelings of loneliness until you can safely spend time together again.

The world today looks different than the one to which we’re accustomed. However, there are things you can do to cope with and adapt to the current state of affairs. Use this situation as an opportunity to soothe your mind in the present and enrich your life in the future. Follow these suggestions to take your mental health into your own hands!