How to Select Bridesmaids Dresses That Flatter Any Figure

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Your bridesmaids are the friends and loved ones you cherish most. They will stand beside you on one of the most important and special days of your life. They have gone above and beyond to ensure your day will be perfect. It is just as important to make sure you choose a bridesmaid dress that will flatter each of your bridesmaids and enhance their beauty equally. This is absolutely a challenge as women vary in body shape and figure. Here is some advice to ensure that your bridesmaid dresses look fantastic on your friends and make them feel radiant.

Choosing certain dress styles that will work for various body types is ideal. A-line dresses are often the most flattering on a skirt. They have the ability to hide wider hips and can even make the waist seem more petite. In addition, bridesmaids with very straight or narrow hips will appear curvier. Many dresses are made with an A-line cut, so it is not a difficult style to find when dress shopping.

Empire waistlines are also flattering on a wide range of body types. These flow out beginning at the bust line. They are not tight and restricting in any way. The flowing, loose and gentle nature of the dress is elegant and timeless and will be lovely to wear all through the evening.

Another option is to choose strapless dresses. This may seem counterintuitive if any of your bridesmaids are self conscious about their arms. However, straps can actually accentuate arms and lead the eye to that area of the body. Having strapless dresses keeps attention away from the arms leaving your bridesmaids looking more long and slender.

You may also decide to select a wrap dress. These highlight the best curves and features of any women. Often they also provide flattering ruching around stomach areas, the waist, and hips that can smooth over any unwanted curves, allowing your bridesmaids to feel more comfortable and less concerned over their body shape.

Finally, another terrific option is something called color streaming. Instead of selecting just one dress, instead choose a color or color scheme. You may choose one shade or you could choose a family of colors such as various and ranging shades of the same color like light and dark blues. If your color is a light blue for example, your bridesmaids can then choose any dress they find flattering on their body type in that same shade. Or, you may narrow down a selection so that they can choose from 5 or 6 bride-approved dresses. This will make sure every bridesmaid is happy. Plus, they will each have a unique look that allows them to shine.

Choosing a dress for your bridesmaids that will make them look and feel beautiful is an integral element of any wedding. Once you find a dress or style that flatters each of your unique bridesmaids you can focus on other wedding planning details such as wedding flowers and hor d’oeuvres. Looking into these options for bridesmaid dresses will help jump-start and narrow down your bridesmaid dress search!