Meaningful Bling: 9 Types of Gemstones and Their Meanings

Gemstones and Their Meanings

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It’s true what they say—diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Of course, if diamonds aren’t your style or you don’t want to shell out the cash for diamond jewelry, there are plenty of other gemstones to choose from. Gemstones bring a colorful and unique element to your jewelry, such as crystal jewelry.

Not only do gemstones bring a colorful and unique element to your jewelry, but different types of gemstones also have meanings. That’s right—from promoting love to protecting the wearer from harm, certain stones are thought to help improve your life.

Whether you’re buying jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll want to choose the right gemstones to meet your (or your loved one’s) needs.

Do you want to know the meaning behind some of the most popular gemstones? Keep reading to find out more!

1. Emerald

The rich green hue of emeralds makes them a go-to in high-end jewelry. In fact, this precious stone has a rich history. It’s thought that the emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone, so much so that they were used to decorate her palace and the Egyptian emerald mines were even named after her.

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Emerald is thought to symbolize love and help with fertility. So, if you and your partner are trying for a child, consider wearing emerald jewelry. Furthermore, emerald is also thought to decrease depression and insomnia and promote balance and patience.

2. Ruby

Along with diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, rubies are one of the four main types of precious stones. Members of royal families have sought out ruby jewelry for centuries believing that the gemstone brings good fortune. In fact, the ruby is still seen as a symbol of royalty today.

Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Created Ruby with Swarovski Accent Ring, Size 6

With such a deep red color, it should come as no surprise that the ruby also symbolizes love. When you give a ruby as a gift, you’re showing the other person how much you love and care for them.

Of course, rubies can also symbolize friendship, making them great gifts for any woman in your life.

3. Aquamarine

If you’re looking for a gemstone with a subtler hue, you can’t go wrong with aquamarine. The soft blue color makes this a chic and classy addition to any piece of jewelry.

Peora Aquamarine with Genuine Diamond Pendant in 14 Karat White Gold, Heart Shape Solitaire, 6mm, 0.75 Carat total


The opaque color is also responsible for the meaning behind this gemstone. Aquamarine is thought to help the wearer clear their mind and relax.

Its soothing properties are said to extend to married couples, making it a great anniversary or wedding gift. The light color also makes it a beautiful accent stone to include on an engagement ring to promote calm communication for years to come.

4. Moonstone

People have compared the shimmering bluish-white color of this gemstone to moonlight, which some believe is where it got its name. Although moonstones have been mined in areas all over the world from Switzerland to Australia, they’re still a unique gemstone to add to your jewelry box.

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Moonstone has many meanings behind it. It’s said to do wonders for the wearer, including balancing their emotions, inspiring passion, helping them accept things the way they are, and increasing their confidence and wisdom.

Some people believe moonstone can also help you predict the future! And these facts are just the beginning—there’s so much more to this gemstone than you’d think.

5. Opal

Can’t decide which color gemstone you want to include in your jewelry? Consider going with opal. This gemstone contains several flecks of color and looks absolutely radiant when the light hits it.

Perhaps the best part is that no two opals are alike. Each opal contains its own unique patterns and colors.

The uniqueness of this gemstone doesn’t stop at its appearance. The meanings behind the opal include imagination, pleasant dreams, and spontaneity. If you or your loved is trying to get out of a rut or needs some creative inspiration, consider getting opal jewelry.

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6. Sapphire

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Including sapphire in your engagement ring already knocks one item off that list, so it’s no wonder why sapphire accents are increasingly popular to find in rings.

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Of course, sapphire is also a meaningful gemstone that may help you throughout the rest of your life and marriage. Happiness, communication, and insight are associated with sapphire, and they’re all things that can lead to a healthy marriage.

Additionally, the sapphire is also thought to enhance inspiration and prayer, making it a great gemstone to include in any type of jewelry.

7. Turquoise

If you live in the US, you probably associate turquoise with Native Americans. But turquoise has been found in many different cultures across the world.

Thomas Jim Peacock Spiderweb Variscite Bracelet
Thomas Jim Peacock Spiderweb Variscite Bracelet

The diverse popularity of this stone has caused it to inherit several different meanings. Some believe turquoise has healing powers or that it can bring a combination of good luck, success, love, and money. Others think it symbolizes friendship.

No matter what you believe, there’s no denying that turquoise is a gorgeous gemstone that can give you a stylish and unique piece of jewelry.

8. Jade

Jade is another gemstone with a rich history. It has been used by Chinese royalty for centuries and was believed to preserve the body even after death. This led to many members of the royal family being buried with jade.

Even today, jade is believed to bring good luck and protect the wearer from harm. It also symbolizes serenity and is thought to reduce fear and anxiety.

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9. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is considered a strong precious stone. When it comes to red jasper meaning, this stone says a lot. It provides empowerment, resisting emotional domination, and encouraging a person to become braver, overcoming domestic violence. Also, it sustains the healing process and recovery from abuse.

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What Types of Gemstones Should You Get?

Whether you want good luck, love, or help relaxing, there is a gemstone that can help. Just follow this list to determine which types of gemstones are right for you.

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Types of Gemstones & Their Meanings