Add These Items to Your Closet: Winter Men’s Fashion Trends

Winter Mens Fashion Trends

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Are you looking for a great way to polish off the year? Would you like to look and feel great as you step out in the snow? Are you wondering about winter 2022 men’s fashion trends?

These days, men’s fashion is about so much more than overcoats and watches. There are plenty of simple ways to look and feel at the top of your game.

Here’s what you need to know about men and winter 2022 fashion.

1. The Cardigan

Cardigans provide a surprising amount of warmth, and they’re easy to dress up or down. You can also take them on or off depending on the temperature in each room you’re working or playing in.

These days, V-neck or shawl collars both work for sophisticated gentlemen. They’ll work over a long-sleeve henley or an oxford shirt paired with jeans. Those in heavier wool blends can certainly keep you comfy at your next holiday party.

For outdoor adventure, try your cardigan under a parka. If you’ve got a big meeting, button up a light cardigan and wear it under your favorite blazer. Your favorite slim cardigan will also make a tasteful piece when closed and worn as part of a three-piece suit.

2. The Lapel Pin

If you really want your look to pop, it may be time to learn how to wear a lapel pin. They’re a quick, affordable way to add style to your outfit. And they’ll work as well in your office as they do at a wedding.

3. Leather

Leather jackets are timeless. Fortunately, they’re also all the rage this season.

This winter, leather jackets lined with faux fur are a warm, fashionable way to wear a coat while you’re on your way to a big night out. You can also wear them to work over a turtleneck sweater or vest. Pair them with chinos and derby shoes for complete sophistication.

Styling your leather jacket may be easier than you think. Because these are a bit of an investment, make sure you choose a jacket that pairs well with the clothing you already have. Black or brown are classics that will look good with almost anything. Neutral colors underneath, however, will probably be your best bet.

You’ll want to take good care of your leather jacket to make it last. Keep them out of the rain and snow, and be sure to hang them on a padded hanger when you put them away. This will ensure that they’ll maintain their cool shape.

This year, leather blazers and shirts are also making a comeback. Make sure to reserve these styles for a party or date, as they’re usually not suited for the office.

4. Checks

This year, men’s checks are back in a classic warm, wintery style. A classic checked shirt in a flannel wool blend is great for running errands in. You can also pair it with a solid-colored sweater on especially cold days. 

The day of the power-checked Oxford has also returned. Paired with a sophisticated, solid-colored tie and a great watch, you’ll look pulled together and serious. It also looks great under a jacket or blazer.

Of course, it’s easy to dress up accessories such as cuff links or ties with some classy checks. They’re versatile and won’t overwhelm a dressy outfit.

5. Shearling 

If you love a little extra lining in winter, you’re in luck this year because shearling is making a comeback. 

Shearling is known for retaining heat naturally, even when temperatures are below freezing. It’s also breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic. And you’d be surprised at how affordable it can be!

This year, many men’s classic jacket styles come with a full shearling lining. They include leather bombers, denim jackets, and parkas. 

Pair shearling with ripped denim and a long-sleeved T-shirt for a more casual look. Or you can sport polo and wool pants at the office.

6. Cargo

If you’re looking for a sophisticated alternative to jeans or chinos for social occasions, give this year’s cargo pants a try. They fit slim through your leg and taper at your ankle so you can cuff them easily.

In the winter, you can sport lined cargo pants with a textured sweater and wool overcoat. Or pair them with your favorite sweatshirt for an easy hang-around-the-house look.

7. Cool Sneaks

Stylin’ sneakers usually aren’t appropriate for the office. However, this year’s styles come in bright, fabulous colors and designs.

Pair your favorite kickers with your jeans or cargos for some serious style on the weekends.

8. Striped Sweaters

There’s nothing like a sweater for easy style when you’re socializing or going for business casual

You can pair horizontal stripes in classic colors like navy and white with your favorite jeans or khakis. If you’re feeling fashion-forward, pants in a bolder color like red or orange will work just as well. 

The statement of stripes also works great under a peacoat with workboots and jeans on the weekends. Or you can wear it with your favorite jeans and leather loafers to the office. 

Bigger stripes also provide a great contrast to leather pants. And you can dial up the style with a pair of black casual boots or loafers.

Hop on These Winter Men’s Fashion Trends

Winter doesn’t have to mean fashion boredom for men. In fact, colder weather can bring out the warmest style in today’s most sophisticated fellas. With a little research on winter men’s fashion trends, you could be the best lookin’ dude at the holiday party.

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