One Scarf – 6 Ways To Wear It

how to wear a scarf

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I think scarves deserve to be called a girl’s best friend (instead of diamonds and stilettos) and I will proceed to tell you why.

The scarf knows no weather, it can be worn come spring, fall or winter. It can be worn with a dress, or a nice top and denims. People nowadays wear scarves with playsuits as well, and even men acknowledge it as a handy accessory.

Scarves come in varied prints, shapes, fabrics and lengths, and can amp your style factor and dress’s fashion quotient from tens to thousands with a single wrap!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, there are various ways a scarf can be worn, each perfect for a certain kind of occasion. Read on to find out which style you should be opting for at the next board meeting, and which other one at your girls’ night out.

1. The One-Sided Knot

One sided affairs never spell anything but trouble, you thought? Well, this article is here to make you go back on your opinions. This style of tying a scarf around your neck and wrapping it across your torso involves around 3 steps.

First, you need to make two sections of equal length of the scarf, and drape them around your neck. Then, you need to make a loop on one side, with the other side hanging loose and untouched. Then, you take the other side of the scarf, and pass it through the inside of the knot. Done!

This very feminine, soft and classy style of wearing a scarf is now yours for the day.

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2. Going The Traditional Route

This is the style of wearing a scarf you’ve probably seen loads of ladies rocking through the ages. And it can be your signature style too if you follow these simple tips.

First, divide the scarf into two equal lengths and dangle them around the two sides of your neck. Then, take one side and pass it first under and then over the other side to create a complete loop, or knot. And you’re ready, chic and good to go.

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3. The Voluminous Tie

Ever looked at the runway models showing off the fall winter clothing lines, and go “Ah, that is the look I want, and no other!”?

Let’s face it, there’s no denying the fact that the snuggest looks also are the best-looking ones. And I can show you how to achieve a part of it with a single scarf.

First, you need to make equal lengths of your scarf and dangle them around your neck. Then, afterward, you tie a knot at the very base or end of your scarf, probably near your stomach, taking care to use up as much of the fabric as possible.

Next, you twist the scarf in two parts, resulting in a shape like the English number 8. Lastly, you take the parts of the 8 and pull it over your neck.

What you get as result is one of the thickest, most voluminous looks in scarf history.

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4. The One With Multiple Pretty Loops

This one is one of the hottest and complex, albeit pretty, looking loops, that is not all that tough to replicate. What you have to do is this: take a thick scarf, and drape it around your neck. Then, pass one side around your neck in halter fashion, and equalise the two ends that remain.

Now, start with one loose end and pass it through the portion of scarf draped at the neck and bring it out in a loop. Do it until there’s no fabric left to roll out. Then, do the same routine with the other loose end. As a result, you get a look that’s pretty as a princess’s and would always make heads turn on the streets.

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5. The Tie Got An Interesting Makeover

Ever looked at your man’s tie and thought that was the sexiest accessory ever? Now, you don’t need to fret if your daily outfit doesn’t include it, because a scarf can do all that and more.

In this style, you first need to make two identical halves of your scarf before it is draped on your neck. Next, you finally drape the scarf on yourself. Next, you form a loop of the end where the scarf has been folded, and slide the two loose ends through it. Now, in an added touch of pretty complexity, you turn the loose ends round and slide it through the closed loop one more time in a double know. Looks like a tie and feels like tying one, no? Only prettier.

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6. The Triangular Dimension

Is effortless the thing that describes you best? Well, worry not because the whole millennial population seems to echo you. Pressed for time? Crunching under workload? Easy peasy scarf style to your fashion rescue! For achieving this easy look, crease a scarf with four equal sides, and form a triangle out of it. Then, place an end of the three-sided figure at your back, and bring the other free end to pass it, creating a semi – knot. The ends will be left hanging over your front, giving a stylish look.

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