The Most Trendy Diamond Cuts And Styles

Woman with Engagement Ring Kissing Fiance

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Woman with Engagement Ring Kissing Fiance

Getting an engagement ring can be more complicated than you might expect. You’ll want something beautiful and unique, but the ring should also keep up with current trends so it won’t look dated in a few years. A diamond is forever, and you want to make sure you will be happy with your engagement ring for the  rest of you life! Below are five of the most popular styles to make the path to perfection a little clearer.

Princess cut

One of the first questions a jeweler will have is about the cut, or the shape of the diamond itself. Princess cut is among the most common for engagement rings; the squared-off shape emphasizes the beauty of both large and small stones. In fact, the shape gives the impression of a somewhat bigger diamond than a round cut. This shape will fit well in a variety of settings.

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If you just glazed over at the word “setting,” never fear. This jewelers’ term simply refers to the way the diamond is placed on the ring. When you imagine an engagement ring, you probably picture a single stone on a thin gold band. This is known as a solitaire setting. If you’re concerned about trends in jewelry, this classic style will always be fashionable.

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Halo Style

For a little more glitz and sparkle, many couples are choosing halo style engagement rings. Most commonly used with round or princess-cut stones, this setting encircles the stone with many smaller diamonds. It can also be done on pear or heart-shaped stones for a unique look. Very old Hollywood glamour  this style makes a striking statement. Just make sure to discuss the possibility of a custom wedding band to fit next to it, as this setting is usually on the large side.

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An antique-style engagement ring may thrill us sentimental girls or lovers of the vintage look. You can also emulate the look of a vintage ring you love by creating a custom ring. Some have ultra-thin bands, or alternatively, thicker bands with engravings. The stones themselves are often arranged to look like a flower or star.

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Unique cut and color

If you want an engagement ring unlike anyone else’s, consider a stone that’s a little out of the ordinary. Many people don’t realize that diamonds are available in a wide range of colors, from pink, blue, canary, to the “chocolate diamond,” which is a rich brown. A marquise or asscher cut will help your ring stand out from the crowd even more.

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There are many styles and cuts of engagement rings to choose from, but narrowing it to one of these choices may help you make your decision. Do some research into the styles available, and try on a bunch of different styles at the jeweler. Keep your personal style in mind when picking out your engagement ring. Does you like flashy or subdued jewelry  Classic styles, or something a little funky? Arm yourself with that knowledge, and a few key vocab words like “carat” and “clarity,” and you’ll be ready to select your perfect ring!

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