Carmen Electra’s Weight Loss Secrets

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Collection - Carmen's Fitness Collection

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At the age of 48 Carmen Electra (whose real name is Tara Leigh Patrick) is still a sex and fashion symbol. She is one of the Hollywood celebrities who managed to stay in shape despite her busy schedule and intense career. She almost did everything so far in her career from modeling, acting, singing, dancing to TV host. So, how does Carmen Electra manages to stay fit and look so great? What are her weight loss secrets?

Carmen Electra at the Launch of Dr. Rey's Shapewear. Opera, Hollywood, CA. 10-25-2007
Carmen Electra at the Launch of Dr. Rey’s Shapewear. Opera, Hollywood, CA. 10-25-2007

Carmen always used a healthy diet as a means of losing weight. She was a follower of the Mediterranean diet which is mainly about eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables. She then turned into the Macrobiotic diet plan which is about eating more naturally processed food, whole grains and raw vegetables. At a later stage she also endorsed a well known diet supplement, the NV. The NV does not only help you to lose weight but it also makes your hair and nails stronger.

Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Collection - Carmen's Fitness Collection

Besides taking care of what she eats, Carmen’s real weight loss secret is in her fitness and exercise routine. Her love for dancing inspired her to create her own fitness program which is based on cardio exercises. Combining dancing and exercising is a great way to lose weight without really understanding it. The fun and joy from dancing bypasses the effort you have to put into the exercises. Besides dancing she also does traditional cardio exercises (running, jogging) and strength training exercises for 3 times per week. As she explains “all you have to do to stay fit is to take it slow, keep working your exercise routine and eat healthy”.

So, Carmen’s weight loss secrets are simple: eat healthy by keeping exaggerations away, perform an exercise routine that you enjoy and can stick to it for a long time and be patient – weight loss takes time and you need to have lots of willpower to make it through.