Top 5 Italian Luxury Shoe/Handbag Lines

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Italy has been synonymous with fashion ever since fashion as an idea took flight. The world’s top designers descend on this country annually in order to showcase their wares to armies of fashionistas, celebrities and other such glitterati. But it’s Italy’s own designers that have led the charge in global fashion for nearly a century. And with each of the top designers producing an arsenal of fashion options, combing through it all can take up quite a bit of time.

The designers listed below are all known for various high-end items, including clothing and accessories such as wallets and sunglasses. But this list focuses on those top designers who are currently producing some of the best shoes and handbags in the world and furthering their reputations as leaders in global style.


The new Prada spring runway collection of shoes feature an emphasis on bold heels – almost to the point of being clogs – and bright colors. However, there are more subdued and classic footwear options such as the patent leather buckle pump.

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Their handbag line runs the gamut from classic nylon to fine leather and suede.


Gucci is one of the most celebrated Italian labels in the world, and for good reason. Their iconic wares have become status symbols across the globe, and they are instantly recognizable for the deliberate use of orange color as well as the patented GG fabric.

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The Gucci line of shoes is remarkable for its sheer variety. Even those with the most discerning of style tastes are likely to find something in that catches their eye. Everything from suede sandals, reptile-skin boots, sexy open-toed heels and stylish ankle boots are all on offer in a variety of colors. Gucci’s must haves, as always, are their JKO handbags.

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Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana have built a fashion empire by focusing on global celebrities. Not only were they successful at playing up the glamour appeal of celebs like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman, but they also provided lavish costumes for the stage shows of global performers such as Madonna and Whitney Houston.

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Their Dolce & Gabbana line is steeped in the tradition of Sicilian Baroque with an emphasis on colors such as white, beige, tan and black. This is a theme in their lines of shoes and handbags – with some animal-print thrown in for good measure.


Ferramago has been a staple of Italian fashion since the 1950s. What started out as one man designing shoes has turned into one of the most recognized names in fashion throughout the world. The designers at Salvatore Ferramago take a “fashion-forward” approach to everything form shoes to ready-to-wear items. Ferramago’s 2012/2013 line of shoes and handbags feature bold and bright colors combined with soft pastels.


One of the world’s top manufacturers of designer handbags, Fendi bags are known primarily for their construction. Designed as if they were pieces of clothing, all it takes to transform many of these handbags into a stylish backpack is the simple unclasping of a clip or two. Their current line of shoes also features some unique design schemes, such as leather heels with no visible seem.

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This is just a smattering of some of Italy’s top designers and the hot items they are pushing in 2013. Those intrepid shoppers with a deep wallet will assuredly be able to find that perfect pair of shoes as well as just the right bag to go with it. And as the year unfolds, expect these leading firms to continue to push the envelope and deliver landmark fashions throughout the world.