Top 5 Stylish Male Celebrities

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When it comes to celebrity style, the ladies get a lot of attention for their hits and misses. And with the whole world of fashion at their fingertips it’s not surprising that even those who are considered the most stylish sometimes choose a look that falls flat. Male celebs, on the other hand, don’t always have a lot to work with when it comes to creating a personal style (unless they’re willing to go all-out dandy like Andre 3000). So when they come up with a style that is all their own it’s definitely worth celebrating. And here are just a few of the hottest hunks on the fashion scene today.

  1. Ryan Gosling. This fab-abbed hunk can do no wrong, and his stylish ensembles serve to highlight his natural good looks. If you could name a modern-day Adonis this snacky-treat of man-meat would no doubt be at the top of the list. And it couldn’t hurt that he’s a consummate slave to style. As if the slick hairdos, quirky smile, and piercing eyes weren’t enough, this tall drink of water looks just as stylish wearing a fitted Calvin Klein tee and a stand-up collar track jacket (or even a cardigan) as he does sporting a 3-piece suit. We could contemplate his gorgeousness all day, but let’s move on before we start to drool.
  2. Matt Bomer. Whether he’s shedding his costume for a roomful of adoring ladies (a la Magic Mike) or strutting his stuff in a sharply-tailored suit and jaunty fedora on the hit TV show White Collar, this blue-eyed babe is no stranger to style. Even when he’s wearing nothing more than a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and a ball cap for a day out with his partner and the kids he exudes an easy confidence that makes him appear stylish rather than schlumpy. But when he’s rocking a suit (or even a casual oxford paired with a sport jacket and slacks), he draws every eye in the room. He even makes those Elvis-Costello-style glasses look sexy.
  3. Justin Timberlake. This stylish stud need not bring sexy back…he never lost it. It’s a rare man that can pair a fedora with a t-shirt-and-vest combo without looking silly. Or wear an ascot (yes, you read that correctly). Or add necklaces to his daily wardrobe. But somehow our favorite former Mouseketeer pulls it off. And who else could don a 3-piece suit and replace the jacket with a fitted leather sport coat? Only JT.
  4. Adam Levine. Okay, so this Maroon 5 frontman (and the hottest celebrity host on The Voice) doesn’t often dress to the nines. But what he does wear always suits him perfectly and helps his unique personality and style to shine through. This tattooed tough guy looks great in a skin-hugging V-neck tee paired with a blazer, a plain white oxford with rolled sleeves, or even an orange-and-navy plaid that would look hideous on most people. Even when he’s in slouchy jeans and sporty kicks he looks like a million bucks, and that’s not something that most dudes can get away with.
  5. Kanye West. You might think that this prominent singer/rapper would have to step up his game to stand next to the always-on Kim Kardashian. But he doesn’t have to sift through mens clothing for sale in order to update his look; he’s already got a killer style. His willingness to embrace a simple formula (t-shirt, jacket, jeans, and cool kicks) leaves him looking effortlessly styled everywhere he goes. And the fact that he can take it to the next level with a black-and-cream tuxedo is just icing on the man-cake.