Things to Consider When Updating Your Workout Wardrobe

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Whether you’re trying to get into healthy new exercise routines this year or have long been a devout workout fan, it’s vital to have suitable clothing options to wear when you move.

If you haven’t purchased new gear for a while or just feel like a change, there are numerous factors to consider when updating this part of your wardrobe.

Buy Clothes that Suit the Specific Activity

Firstly, think about what activities you need workout clothing for and buy appropriately. It’s certainly OK to re-use the same outfits for various exercise types, but it’s often more comfortable, and you can enjoy your sessions better if you have gear on hand that’s designed explicitly for the particular workout you’re doing.

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For example, those who like to go bike riding, especially for long excursions, will find that cycling shorts that are padded and designed to give room for the legs to move will make a difference. If you like to run, some form-fitting running tights that don’t slip and fall as you move will help, as will the pocket found in most of them for a house or car key so you can store the key easily while you pound the pavement.

For simple walks, yoga or Pilates sessions, time at the gym, and the like, you can opt for more classic exercise shorts or tights, plus some moisture-wicking tops or simple cotton graphic tees. These options are light and comfortable to wear and have the added benefit of taking you from workouts straight to coffee catchups with friends, grocery shopping, or other jobs you need to do out and about after you finish your exercise.

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Examine Materials

Another tip is to examine the materials of workout gear before you buy clothes. Read the tags on products to see if they’re made out of sweat-absorbing fabrics or those that pull moisture away from the skin as you move. This is especially handy when you do activities that get your heart rate up a lot and will have you sweating profusely, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprints and runs and the like.

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Depending on what you’re doing, you may find that 100 percent cotton options aren’t the best choice because this material can absorb sweat and keep it close to your skin. It’s also best to steer clear of materials made from rubber or plastic as these don’t breathe and will leave you with a higher body temperature than you want or need. When buying clothing for wet or cold weather exercise, stick with layers and add more insulating materials on top of the sweat-wicking inner pieces.

Have Safety Front of Mind

Don’t neglect safety considerations when shopping for new workout clothes, too. If you’re someone who exercises outside when it’s still dark, such as before or on sunrise or after the sun sets, or on poorly lit routes, you’ll want clothes that help make you more visible to other road users.

Car and truck drivers, cyclists, other exercisers, and other people must be able to see you clearly and avoid running you over. Choose pieces made from bright colors and with reflective strips or made out of glow-in-the-dark type fabrics. Have safety top of mind if you spend significant amounts of time exercising in the heat, too. When the sun is out and the barometer is inching up very high, it’s best to wear clothes that provide wearers with UV protection. This assistance isn’t so hard to find these days since many brands use sun-protective materials to make their activewear.

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Spend Your Money with Care

The active and leisurewear markets are large and ever-expanding ones, with many companies joining the industry every month. Many companies enter this lucrative market because they know the demand for funky workout gear and the premiums that can be charged for it. However, you surely won’t want to pay through the nose for pieces or buy pieces that don’t last well.

As such, do your research into different brands and the fit and longevity of their items. You want to find goods from manufacturers who take quality seriously and deliver excellent goods where the potentially high retail costs are justified. Check out testimonials and reviews on blogs, forums, social media pages, in magazines, and the like, and ask your friends and family if they recommend any particular brands for you to try.

Other considerations when updating your workout wardrobe are getting the fit of all pieces right, understanding your personal style and shopping accordingly, and changing what you wear depending on the season.

Exercise outfits are comfortable, and you will likely be tempted to wear them all day, every day. However, this will only be the case if you choose pieces with care to start with and don’t rush the process.

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