The Ultimate Guide to Styling a Comfortable Vegan Women’s Shoe

vegan women's shoes

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Stylish shoes that don’t harm animals or the environment are a wardrobe must-have for conscientious fashionistas. With innovative textile developments and vegan shoe brands, you can wear chic styles that align with your ethics.

Simple in design and even more straightforward on impact, this vegan slip-on offers an entirely plant-based and cruelty-free classic silhouette.


The final shoe type we will highlight is trainers (“cross-trainers”). These are jack-of-all-trades shoes that you can wear to the store, for a run, or even to work out. They typically feature a flat sole and have a little heel-toe drop since activities like weight-lifting require more side-to-side motion.

They’re also great for walking long distances and are super comfortable with lots of support. We love this pair of vegan sneakers, made from recycled materials and breathable and comfy. For something a bit more stylish, this pair of vegan flip flops are perfect for traveling, and they have a yoga mat-style sole to give you extra support and comfort!

Knowing what you’re looking for is essential when shopping for vegan women’s shoes. Shoes labeled as vegan should be free from any animal ingredients or byproducts. This includes leather, fur, wool, and silk. You’ll also want to avoid shoes with animal bones, horns, or shell adornments.

Ankle Boots

Although they’re a wardrobe essential, ankle boots are occasionally the most challenging shoes to dress. Regarding ankle booties, the key is choosing a snug fit without being tight or uncomfortable. An excellent way to test this is to pop a finger between the back of your ankle and the boot shaft; if you can fit a finger easily, they’re a great fit.

Whether you’re looking for a casual pair that will work well with jeans or want something more formal, there’s an ankle boot out there to suit your needs. A pointed toe or sculptural heel adds some sophistication and goes well with a midi skirt. They’re also smart for work as they provide the same put-together look as high heels but are much easier to walk in!

You can dress them up with a patterned top or button-down shirt. Or, you can go for a more laid-back look with a slouchy sweater or off-the-shoulder pullover. Booties also work well with a wide range of full-length dresses, from maxi dresses to shifts and sheaths. They’ll keep you warm in the fall and winter, while a lug sole adds traction for walking around in snowy weather.


Designed initially as basketball sneakers, high-tops provide superior ankle support, making them great for individuals who engage in activities requiring extra stability, such as skateboarding or sports. They also make for a more stylish alternative to low-top sneakers. They are an excellent choice for a casual everyday look or to add some edge to your formal ensemble. They’re a fashion staple for many young people and are frequently seen in music videos or on the feet of influential Instagrammers.

Style your high tops with skinny jeans and a cool bomber jacket. Wear them with a tee shirt and shorts for a more laid-back look. The secret is to get the ideal pair that is quite comfy and fits flawlessly. If you choose a high-top sneaker with a fitted ankle, it’s best to avoid wearing them with wide-leg pants.

The versatile nature of high-tops is what gives them their enduring appeal. It isn’t just about their functionality and durability; they have also become a canvas for self-expression, being a favorite for athletes, hipsters, and counter-culture anarchists alike. Anyone who likes their distinct style can wear them; they are the ideal accent for any ensemble.

Slip Ons

Few shoes exude summery, carefree style like a pair of slip-on sneakers. These are the kinds of sneakers that work with sundresses, baggy jeans, and even your favorite errand-running joggers. They’re easy to slip on (making them an excellent choice for rushing out the door or when you’re headed on a quick morning run) and look sockless, ideal for hot days.

Aside from their comfort, these slip-on sneakers are also a practical option for people with limited mobility or lower back issues. You can easily step into them rather than reach down and pull them on. They’re also often made with sustainable materials, like recycled rubber and cork, which is good news for the environment.

Opt for suede or leather styles if you want to dress them up. They’re crafted with sustainably sourced materials, including a bamboo knit upper and sugarcane-based EVA foam outsole and Mamona oil and cork insole. Plus, they can be machine-washed for hassle-free cleaning. Pair them with pants and a cozy sweater texture, such as mohair, for a casual date night. Or, go for a monochromatic outfit by pairing black slip-on sneakers with a monochrome look of skinny jeans and a black button-down shirt. Add accessories like a long necklace and floppy hat to add interest.

Luckily, there are lots of vegan shoes to choose from! A brand makes stunning, glittery vegan stilettos. A Swedish sustainable brand that uses OEKO-Tex-certified vegan microfibre, pineapple leather, and recycled plastic ocean trash to make their shoes. Another brand makes beautiful vegan women’s boots and heels for a more luxurious option. They use a plant-based material called alter-nappa, which creates twenty-four times less environmental impact than Brazilian calf leather.