Wardrobe Redone: Basics You’ll Need for Starting from the Bottom Up

Wardrobe Basics

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Wardrobe Basics

At one point or another, many people are faced with the challenge, or perhaps, the opportunity of building a new wardrobe for themselves. Maybe after a move, or a goal of downsizing to avoid clutter, whatever your reason, redesigning your wardrobe can be an exciting, personal experience. Here are some ideas for starting a brand new wardrobe from the bottom up and the basics you’ll need to get started.

The Starting Point: Footwear

The footwear in your wardrobe can very much set the tone for your style as a whole. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to have an entire closet of shoes to choose from, can still get plenty of options for piecing together outfits. It’s recommended you get at least two or three of every style of footwear you frequently wear such as flip-flops/sandals, sneakers, loafers, heels, etc. In each category, make sure to keep the colors basic such as different neutral colors, or easy to match solids. With this method you can create lots of clothing combinations with very few pairs of shoes. Alternatively, if you’re a shoe hoarder, you don’t need to worry about consolidating for efficiency here, but have a full outfit look in mind before purchasing each pair.

The Power of Pants

Many of us don’t realize the influence pants have on a wardrobe. The average options are often highly limited due to a lack of color diversity in pants and bottoms. A lot of people rely too heavily on jeans as a mainstay. However, additional pairs of pants of different colors can multiply the number of unique outfits in your wardrobe. For example, with four different tops and the jeans in your wardrobe, you have four possible outfits. But, with the addition of just one different pair of pants, there are now eight possible outfit combinations. This tip also applies to shorts, skirts, and other bottoms.

Bonus tip: Use a clamp plastic hanger, like those from the National Hanger Company, to avoid creases when hanging pants.

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The Golden Rule: Use Through Versatility

The other clothing items in your wardrobe often will fall into place on their own. With a last word of caution to think about: use. The clothes in your wardrobe are only as good as the amount of use they give you. Therefore it’s recommended you select items that are versatile and easy to implement.

Start with a lot of neutral colors, basic tops, pants and skirts and work out from there. The fun pieces will be able to come into play more easily when you have a solid foundation backing your wardrobe. Using these tips, you can start a fantastic new wardrobe from the bottom up.