Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Tips

Bridesmaid Dress

Marriage is all about the bride and groom. Sure they are the center of attraction but without the bridesmaids, a bride is incomplete! They complement the bride. If you want your closest friends to look fabulous and dance comfortably, and feel beautiful, it’s important to pick the right dress for them. Here’s a comprehensive guide …

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Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning A Destination Wedding

The beauty of a destination wedding lies in the magical mystery of the location which allows you and your guests to be immersed in an enchanting environment. The freedom of your wedding being in an exciting, romantic country breaks down barriers to your creativity allowing you to experience a truly unique wedding and at the …

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How to Enjoy Planning Your Wedding

wedding planning

Some people have a true knack for wedding planning. The thought of organizing a menu and coordinating a seating chart really appeals to them. Some people love wedding planning so much, in fact, that they chose to be wedding planners as their career. Most people, though, probably feel like planning their wedding was an experience …

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