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At this time and day, media really affects how we perceive beauty. As fashion trends incessantly changes, all types of people would kill to know what’s in and what’s not. In turn, Hollywood stars, and even politicians have been icons that people follow and stylists from all over the world try to come up with fresh ideas to keep up with this ever-changing trend.

I have always been good at taking care of myself and most of the time, I look for ways to really change how I look like. What people need to understand is that they don’t really need to spend much to have a total make-over. They don’t have to undergo surgery or to peel off their skin to look different because the truth is, they can have total transformation by simply visiting their friendly hair stylist.

Too Short to Flaunt
I have basically tried everything with my hair and one day, I just grew tired of having to take care of my crazy locks, so I had to cut my hair really short. After several months, my hair wasn’t really growing back the way I expected it to, so I had to resort to having a hair extension. Weaved in (sewn) extensions were really handy since I got to choose the length I wanted. Aside from it is convenient to have since you don’t have to repeatedly clip it in, it adds extra length and volume to your hair.

Clip In, Clip Out
In contrast to the former extension, clip ins would allow more variation since you can easily take it off. Many types of clip in extensions can be readily found and the good thing about it is that you can go from short to long and curly, or long and straight.

So Japanese 
If you don’t like clip ons, the Japanese hair braid extension will definitely suit all your lengthy needs. As the term suggests, the extra hair that you’d choose will be braided unto your hair. This is much advised since it doesn’t use much chemicals that may damage your hair.

What’s With a Pony?
Never had a talent in fixing your hair? I have just the solution for you as having synthetic ponytail extensions is easy-to-do and it will definitely save you time and energy. Aside from its convenience, you may use these extensions to spice up any occasion.

Beading Brilliance
Another option for adding length and volume to your hair is the usage of an inner silicone lining enclosed in a small metal bead. In Microbead Hair Extension, your hair will be threaded through this bead. Aside from this extension is easy-to-put, what’s incredible about it is that it can be reused once it comes out.

Being versatile does not have to cost you your whole year worth of salary. All you need is to be resourceful enough in finding cheaper ways of creating a brand new you. As the old saying goes, enjoy life to the fullest, and to do that, you have to enrich both your inner and outer beauty with the lowest nickel of penny.

About the Author:  Sarah del Rosario is a beauty and health blogger. Aside from writing, she is also fond of painting and DIY crafts. She currently partners with Hairbooth, one the the trusted online shops of Wahl products.

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