3 Fun Eco Friendly Fashion Trends

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Fashion is an industry filled with stars, glamor and trends. Lots of trends. From shoes to skirts to winter wear there’s always a trend to follow as each season approaches. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the various trends going on right now in the eco friendly niche as it relates fashion.

We enlisted the help of a few trend-following websites such as Sustainable Runway, Style.com and Fashion Trends Daily – this is how we were able to come up with the following hot eco trends right now. See them below.

1. Sustainable Equestrian

Maybe due to the highly acclaimed Steven Spielberg movie War Horse, but the equestrian look is hot right now as we are seeing it in several high fashion magazines, websites and blogs. From equestrian inspired bags to shoes and skirts, this look is all the rage now. To make it sustainable, the shirt should be made from an all natural fabric such as hemp or organic cotton or recycled fabric such as upcycled leather.

2. Ethnic Eco Chic

The pair of dresses pictured above are the creation of Nigerian designer Duro Olowu and are both made from recycled fabrics. The ethnic prints are dazzling and showcase a series of rich and bold hues. Perfect for ladies who love bold and unique choices.

3. Upcycled Luxury Accessories

Hermis an internationally known luxury brand that has a new line of upcycled accessories which are anything but dull or granola. Case in point? The croc leather coffee cup holders which are now making the rounds at various stores via special “upcycled” kiosks. The croc cup holders are made from scraps of leather and other fabric cast offs. One thing you find lots of in fashion houses is scraps and cast offs so there should be a lot more similar products in the works.

There are many ways to fuse fashion and planet friendly fabrics, designs and or practices. The key is to think outside the box and devise a plan of action that involves the three R’s; recycle, reduce or reuse. We see it day in and day out, so this is not uncommon or impossible. Smaller and lesser known brands are doing it with style and not losing out financially, so hopefully bigger brands and fashion houses are not too far behind.