How to Sell Your Luxury Pre-Owned Designer Handbags for Cash

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Selling your authentic pre-owned designer handbags can be lucrative, as long as you know what you’re doing. Keep reading, for our tips on how to get started reselling designer handbags for some extra cash or even store credit to buy your next dream bag! 

Buy Wisely 

If you plan to buy and eventually resell designer handbags, you need to research high in-demand brands. Purchasing handbags from certain prestigious companies such as Hermès and Dior helps to ensure a safe investment if you decide to sell at a later date. In fact, some older styles, such as vintage Chanel handbags, may even go up in value. Here are the top brands that are always in demand and fetch the highest resale prices on popular resale marketplace sites Rebag and Vestiaire Collective

Good Buys: The 5 Most Coveted Luxury Handbag Brands

Have a look at the most wanted pieces on popular resale sites, instagram and pinterest, or stay with the brands that are classics and tend to always do well. Our top 5 brand picks include 4 classics and 1 new trending new brand. It’s about knowing what’s hot and following demand so start with these top brands and build up your expertise and collection over time.

1. Chanel

2. Fendi

3. Louis Vuitton

4. Gucci

5. Jacquemus


Take Proper Care of Your Handbags

While you may not be thinking about resale when you buy a new handbag, it’s wise to keep the objective in mind to prepare for the possibility. Follow these tricks to make sure you are able to get the maximum money back when selling. 

1. Buy from a reputable dealer

Authenticity is extremely important for resale and buying either direct from the brand or a known department store is the best way to protect your investment. Resale sites that offer authentication such as Rebag or Vestiaire Collective are also good places to buy luxury bags that will resell. 

2. Keep the original receipt 

The first thing you need to do is store the receipt in a safe place. This means you’ll always have proof of purchase and authenticity for potential buyers who inquire. 

3. Store your luxury handbag properly 

It goes without saying that proper care of your bag is necessary, regardless of whether or not you decide to sell. When storing an expensive luxury handbag keep it out of from sunlight and if possible store in the original dust bag and box. Other option include investing in a custom made storage bags. 


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Join a Community 

Becoming part of a community of luxury handbag collectors will help you to understand the market trends and learn what pre-owned buyers are looking for now. Instagram is a great place to start along with the community forums and groups for popular resale sites. 

Sign-up for Resale Site Newsletters

Each luxury handbag resale marketplace site will tell you what is in demand right now and help guide you with what you should buy or sell for the upcoming season. Signing up for their newsletters and following them on Instagram is a great way to stay informed. Here is our list of top sites to get the latest news on luxury handbag trends: 

1. Vestiaire Collective

This site is great for both buying and selling and gives you all the latest trending items right on the homepage from vintage handbags to trending now and rare finds they have everything you need to find your next buyer. 

2. Rebag

Buy, sell, and exchange the most coveted designer handbags and accessories at Rebag. Selling options include selling directly to Rebag for direct payment, or choose  for payment in Rebag Credit, and you’ll earn 20% more. They also offer a luxury appraisal index so you can easily find the current value of your piece – try it toda at  Clair by Rebag.

3. The Luxury Closet 

The Luxury Closet is a leading online boutique for buying and selling new and pre-loved top luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Chanel and more. The Luxury Closet is based in Dubai and is a leading option for reaching a global and sophisticated international customer for your pre-loved luxury handbags

Most used handbag purchases are completed online. So it’s important to take high-quality photos, showing every part of the handbag as clearly as possible. Many sites now make it easy for the seller and you can simply ship them your product and they will take care of the authentication and photography. If the site you are using needs you to take your own photos make sure to get a lightbox and cover all the angles, details, exterior and interior of the bag. 

Natural daylight is the ideal type of lighting for photographing, paired with a white background. Take multiple photos from every angle, including the interior and label to show authenticity. Also include pictures of any defects, scratch marks and stains that may be present.

Include all of the Details

When you start advertising your authentic handbag for sale, it helps to mention even minor details in your description, even if they are tiny flaws the buyer will appreciate your honesty and you will avoid issues and possible cancelation or return later on. How much you can store in the handbag, the store where it was purchased and the measurements of the bag are all great pieces of information to include. This may help persuade a potential buyer to do business with you. 

Consider the Season

If you bought your handbag from a seasonal collection or purchased a bag with a certain season in mind, you’re more likely to sell it during the coordinating season. For example, light colored bags sell more in the spring. Neutral and darker colors sell better in fall and winter. It might make sense to hold on to your piece and wait for the next season to get the right price for it. 

Price for the Market

You will of course want to get the best price for your pieces but it also does you no good if it sits in your closet when you could be getting that cash and buying the next piece you’ve been eyeing. Do some homework and see what is trending now and decide if it is the right time to sell and then set your price to match the market. Knowing your product condition is also important as there can be a big price jump from good condition to very good condition.  You can also use a resale calculator to get a better idea of the correct price for a specific item, such as a specific brand, size and season of a handbag. This one from Rebag is a great resource. 

Respond Quickly and Honestly 

Once your luxury handbag is listed for sale, make sure you are always logged in and ready to answer questions, share more photos or just chat with a fellow collector. Building relationships and engaging will help you become a power seller and give you the chance at a higher dollar value sale.  


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