Seven Hot Styles Fresh From the UK’s Catwalks

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Many associate British fashion with quaint florals and practical patterns which stylishly carry us through our temperamental seasons. I however disagree, as stylish as the Brits are, we are also forward thinking in our ways. Twice a year London plays host to Fashion Week as one of the four catwalk influencers; an event that defines the seasons trend’s. So without further adieu, here are five of our favourite S/S trends.

The pink blazer

Welcome to the shade parade. Neon brights have taken the UK by storm, and the winner is right here; the pink blazer. It’s the perfect anecdote to any dull outfit, simply pull it on over a casual dress or with your favourite pair of jeans for that weekend look with a twist. Et voila, pretty in pink.

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Pastel pants

Pretty pastels are back, and us Brits just love pastel pants. Why? Well, they give our wardrobes a facelift. Simply replace your average jeans outfit with a pair of these beauties, hit up a fantastic women’s shoe sale and your ensemble will suddenly have a new lease of life!

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The denim shirt

An essential for uptown chic, or downtown hipster, a denim shirt is the key to your weekend wardrobe. Team with a pair of white skinnies for ultimate cool. Weekends have never been so fun.

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Crop tops

Say hello to the return of the crop top; the daring alternative to any regular top. Spice up your ensemble with a cropped number to turn up the heat. Perfect for daytime, or evening with a high-waisted pair of trousers.

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Let’s talk hats. Fedora, trilby, or cap; they’re everywhere. We’re mad about hats, and why wouldn’t we be? They aren’t for the timid, but don’t shy away just yet. It’s not all cowboys and horses, a hat adds an element of fun to an outfit so experiment! You never know, it could be that extra je ne sais quoi your ensemble needs.

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Love it, or hate it; peplum is back with a bang. Doubtful? Consider a monochrome style for optimal flattery. Alternatively, add emphasis with accessories; a guaranteed way to add style to any classic silhouette.

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Statement Jewellery

This season we are all about the bling. Rings, necklaces and earrings. You name it, we love it. A statement piece of jewelry is all it takes to add the finishing touches to any lifeless outfit. Mix and match colours and sizes for that extra creative flair.