7 Natural Ways to Speed Up Facial Paralysis Recovery

7 Natural Ways to Speed Up Facial Paralysis Recovery

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7 Natural Ways to Speed Up Facial Paralysis Recovery

If you are faced with some kind of facial paralysis, this is something that can make life pretty difficult. You will suddenly realize just how much you use your face during daily interactions and how it can make your life difficult when you can’t show your emotions using your face. That’s why there are plenty of natural ways for you to speed up your recovery from facial paralysis. Keep reading down below to learn more about them and how you can implement them in your recovery.

7 Natural Ways to Speed Up Facial Paralysis Recovery

  1. Eye Protection

The first thing that you’ve got to do on the road to recovery from paralysis is to protect your eyes. No matter whether this is with an eye-patch or with some goggles, you’ve got to ensure that your eyes are covered if your eyelids can’t close properly. This can lead to extreme dryness of your eyes and cause some infections to occur if your eyelids can’t clean off the surfaces of your eyes. Make sure to get some eye drops from your doctor to get rid of the dryness, as well.

  1. A Heat Compress

The next thing that you should do at least 3 times a day when you are face with facial paralysis is to use a heat compress to relax your facial muscles a bit. When you use a heat compress, that extra burst of heat will help push along the recovery process if you do it regularly for a couple of days.


  1. Massaging with Olive Oil

It’s been shown that massaging your face with olive oil on a regular basis can help with your facial paralysis. That’s because the combination of the oil and massaging motions can help to breathe life back into your blood circulation on your face. This can even help to bring some life back into your damaged nerve endings that are causing the paralysis.

  1. Try Out Some Castor Oil

You can also try out some castor oil if the olive oil doesn’t seem to be doing much! Castor oil is known for helping out with swelling and helping to damage your nerve endings. All you have to do soak a cotton cloth with castor oil and apply it to your face about 3 times a day. You should be feeling amazing after a session with castor oil.


  1. Eat Celery

Did you know that celery is actually great for repairing damaged nerve endings and strengthening your facial muscles? That’s right! The vitamins and minerals that are held within celery are absolutely fantastic if you want to give your face some extra strength. You can either eat raw celery sticks or you can go for some peanut butter on top for some extra protein and taste.

  1. Try Out Ginger and Turmeric

When thinking about the top spices that could help out in the situation of a facial paralysis, then you’ve got to think about ginger and turmeric first. These two spices have some great anti-inflammatory properties that can help to ease the tension in your face and bring back the feeling. You can either add these spices to your dinners or you can take them as supplements if you don’t want to find any new recipes to make.


  1. Take Vitamin Supplements to Help Out

It’s been shown that a variety of vitamins and minerals can help to speed up your recovery from facial paralysis. For example, Vitamins B-12 and B6 have been shown to seriously help out in this regard. Start taking vitamins and see if they help out!

And there you have it. Each of these natural methods are important to keep in mind when you are trying to speed up your recovery from facial paralysis.