How to Look Younger With Makeup: 7 Best Tips

How to Look Younger With Makeup

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As you get older, your face can gain wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. This can become frustrating, especially when it seems like no matter how many times you try or how many products you buy, you can never change it.

There is hope. Makeup can be a tool to help you look younger when it’s applied correctly. There are many pitfalls to fall into which may explain why your current use of makeup isn’t helping to conceal your wrinkles or brighten your face. Below are the 7 best tips to help you appear younger with makeup you can find in any store.

However, if you try all of the below tips and you still can’t achieve a youthful glow, you may want to consider cosmetic procedures. A great option for wrinkles or saggy skin is a facelift. If you’re in Florida, consider choosing a Tampa facelift.

1. Moisturize Before Applying

This is a tip preached from the mouths of every makeup artist and YouTube guru, but why? How can applying moisturizer help with a makeup look? In a couple of ways, actually. Moisturizer will smooth out the skin so your foundation will go on evenly. This means that if you struggle with wrinkles, applying moisturizer can help reduce their appearance which will allow your makeup to appear more natural once you apply it. Smooth skin is essential for a younger look.

Moisturizer also keeps the skin hydrated even after you apply layers of makeup. This means your skin will never become dry and your makeup will never turn cakey. Your ideal youthful look must start with moisturizer if you want any of the next tips to work.

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2. Don’t Use Too Much

It can feel tempting to apply a lot of foundation and powder in an effort to hide wrinkles, age spots, and dark circles. However, adding too much makeup won’t just hurt your attempt at a youthful glow but it will highlight your wrinkles and fine lines.

Instead of slathering your skin with foundation, it’s more important to have an even application. Apply enough to cover your age spots or other blemishes but don’t go overboard. A light, even layer is the best to provide a more youthful look.

Powder is equally dangerous to ruining your efforts. Just like foundation, too much powder can accentuate wrinkles and make your age more prevalent. Powder often mattes the skin which takes away from a natural glow. It’s best to only apply it under the eyes instead of across your entire face.

3. Focus on Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an essential part of your face and your makeup look. While the media may tell you to shape-away and pluck until you’re satisfied, a fuller eyebrow is actually ideal. Full, natural-looking eyebrows are key to pulling your entire youthful makeup look together.

Tweeze hairs that are clearly out of your eyebrow shape and fill in sparse areas. These are both essential in creating the perfect brow. However, don’t do too much of either thing. Thin eyebrows or overly thick eyebrows will only look unnatural and take away from your youthful-looking face.

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4. Avoid Dark Eyeshadow

A smokey eye is a popular eyeshadow look, but it could actually be holding you back from your perfect, youthful look. Heavy and dark makeup will only highlight the lines around your eyes, not to mention the vast potential to smear.

If looking younger is what you want, natural-looking makeup is your best bet. Instead of dark blacks and purples, opt for lighter shades that look softer on your skin. This means browns, greys, and pinks. While there’s always time for more glam and sparkles, a neutral-colored eyeshadow will make your eyes glow with youthful beauty.

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5. Apply Nude Eyeliner

Another great way to make your eyes appear youthful is by using nude eyeliner. A natural makeup look is essential to your youthful glow. This means that it’s time to put away the black eyeliner and opt for a brown or tan. While this may feel wrong, it’s essential in your youthful makeup look.

Black is a harsh color and while it pronounces your eyes, a brown shade will too. A nude eyeliner will also brighten your eyes in a way a black color wouldn’t. Black eyeliner casts shadows that pronounce dark circles. The warmer tones of brown will make your eyes appear awake, light, and youthful.

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6. Choose Neutral Tone Lipstick

Full lips are key to any youthful face. This isn’t achieved through bright reds or bold blacks. Full lips are achieved through the application of neutral tone lipstick. Nude or plum shades will make your lips appear bright, clean, and full.

However, there’s more to it than just applying the cosmetic. Start with moisturizing your lips. Just like for your skin, moisturizing your lips will make them smooth, and avoid cakey makeup later. Next outline your lips with a neutral liner. This will help to pronounce them more. Finally, end with applying your neutral lipstick and step back to admire your full, youthful lips.

These 7 tips will help you achieve your ideal youthful face with makeup. It’s that simple. Some key takeaways include never overdoing any look, choosing natural tones, and thinking about cosmetic procedures if all else fails.

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