Are There Benefits of Marijuana for Sleep? What You Need to Know

marijuana for sleep

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According to a Consumer Reports survey, over a quarter of Americans report having trouble sleeping.

With the ever-expanding acceptance of marijuana for medical use, this problem might have a straightforward solution. Cannabis is renowned for its insomnia-healing properties.

Read on as we look at the benefits of marijuana for sleep.

Why Does Marijuana Help With Sleep?

Cannabis has two main active compounds; THC and CBD.

CBD is the component that is usually celebrated for its healing power. Usually sold as oil, it is non-psychoactive and proposed as a treatment for a wide variety of ailments, including chronic pain and anxiety.

However, it is THC that is thought to have more of an effect on sleep.

Because THC makes you high, it can induce a feeling of sleepiness. This makes it easier for those with insomnia to doze off.

As well as helping you fall asleep, marijuana changes your sleeping pattern. After consuming marijuana, people spend less time in REM sleep, and more time sleeping deeply. Deep sleep is the type in which the body recovers most effectively.

Therefore, marijuana will not only help you fall asleep but will also allow you to sleep better overall.

When & How Should I Consume Marijuana for Sleep?

If you’re an inexperienced smoker, it can be difficult to know exactly how to administer the right dose to put yourself off to sleep.

You don’t want to get so high that you end up passing out on the couch. However, you want to feel enough of an effect that you don’t have to get out of bed to take more.

The best strategy is to start smoking or vaping a relatively small amount. You may increase the dose as required night after night.

Because they can take a long time to take effect, edibles are generally not recommended as sleep aids.

In terms of timing, you should smoke or vape some cannabis about an hour before bedtime. The effects will last for about three or four hours. Avoid smoking too close to bedtime, as this may cause restlessness and actually prevent sleep.

Indica or Sativa?

The effects associated with indica strains (a body high, relaxation) are more closely associated with sleep than those of sativas. Among Indica strains, with its medical effects and popularity in usage is distinguished Buba Kush strain. The strain offers several health benefits, including muscle relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, couch-lock, and increased appetite. The cannabis flower is composed of around 15-23% THC and contains 30% Sativa and 70% Indica which helps with medical conditions such as pain relief, insomnia, appetite loss, stress, and much more. To explore other health benefits that the strain presents, you can check the reviews here

However, not everyone’s experience with a given strain is the same. Experiment with different varieties to find the product that works best for you.

Whether you prefer indica or sativa, you can get your favorite strain dropped to your door with a marijuana delivery service.

Should I Use Marijuana for Sleep?

If you have trouble nodding off, and you haven’t tried smoking before, marijuana might be the answer.

People have been using marijuana for sleep improvement for centuries. With acceptance and availability of the plant at an all-time high (pardon the pun), there’s nothing stopping you from treating your insomnia with a joint or bong rip in the evening.

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