Bye-Bye Breakouts: The Best Tips for Concealing Irritated Skin

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For most of us, breakouts are an inescapable fact of life that rears its ugly head at the worst of times. You might be able to get rid of a single zit in a flash, but it takes time to get rid of a breakout and get your skin to calm down. While you can’t banish your breakouts right away, there are a few ways to cover up the irritation so it is less noticeable. Take a look at a few of these tricks that will help you conceal your breakouts, and help irritated skin heal at the same time:

Hydrocortisone, Ice or Polysporin

Before you try to cover up your breakout with makeup, prepare your skin. Take an ice cube and cover it with a soft towel. Apply the ice cube directly to the irritated area for just a few minutes – the swelling should go down some. Next, dab just a little hydrocortisone cream – Gold Bond Anti-Itch Cream– and Polysporin to the irritated area. These will ease the irritation without making it worse, and prepare the skin to be covered with any makeup you might use.

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Skin Color Correctors

If you want to avoid the caked-on makeup look that only seems to accentuate your breakout areas, try skin correcting products that will “correct” uneven skin color. When using skin correcting products, it is best to start with a primer in order to avoid the cakey look, and allow everything to blend well. Guys, never fear—not all makeup is for girls. You can use products like the Men Pen, a male makeup concealer tool to cover up any problem areas that are bothering you. Whether you have pimples or breakouts of redness, skin color correctors will even things out, hiding any spots that you wish to conceal.

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Eye Whitening Drops

A simple, over-the-counter eye whitening drop, such as Visine Eye Drops can help to reduce the redness surrounding your pimple. You know the type of drops – the kind you use when your eyes are red from allergies or other irritants. As you squeeze the drops onto your pimple, remember, “Less is more.” As soon as you see redness going down, stop squeezing eye drops onto the pimple, and dab any excess liquid off your face.

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Cool Green Tea Bag

This is an easy solution if you don’t want to pay for expensive products. Buy organic green tea, and have a good supply of tea bags on hand for future breakouts. Soak a green tea bag in cool water. Squeeze it out, lie down, close your eyes and apply the wet tea bag to the irritated area on your face. Within a few minutes, you’ll see the redness going away, and the irritation starting to die down.

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Non-Comedogenic Cosmetics

When you apply makeup to cover up breakouts, your foundation should be hypoallergenic and oil-free in order to keep the breakout from getting worse. Good non-comedogenic foundations are Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup, or Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup. With any cosmetics you buy for the face, be sure to read the list of ingredients. First on that list should be water. If you see dimethicone on the list, that’s also good. This helps to conceal that red, irritated area around your pimple. Next, look for minerals such as zinc oxide, silica and titanium oxide. The minerals help absorb skin oils. Even better, they cover up irritated areas on your skin.

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So, the next time you get a terrible breakout, there’s no need to stay home from work, cancel your date, or spend the day hiding in bed. Use a few of these tricks to soothe your irritated skin, and conceal the pesky breakout—no one will know the difference! Your skin will be on the road to recovery, so you can soon say bye-bye to your breakout.

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