Fun in the Sun: 8 Benefits of Wearing a Wetsuit for Water Activities

8 Benefits of Wearing a Women's Wetsuit for Water Activities

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From boating and swimming to surfing and scuba diving, it’s no secret that Americans love water activities.

It also seems that more people are spending time participating in watersports and activities than ever before. The water sports equipment and accessory market is growing at a rapid rate.

If you’ve been thinking about spending more time in the water, now’s a great time to do so. Before you head out, though, you need to make sure you have the right gear. For many activities, that includes a wetsuit.

Read on to learn more about the perks of wearing a women’s wetsuit when you’re participating in water-related activities.

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1. Stay Safe

When you’re thinking about beach outfits to pack for your next trip, a wetsuit’s probably not at the top of your list. If safety is a priority for you, though, you definitely ought to consider packing one. A wetsuit can keep you safe, especially if you’re going to be spending extended periods of time in the water.

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2. Stay Warm

Wetsuits are also great for promoting warmth. Even on a hot summer’s day, the ocean water can be quite pretty chilly. If you’re going to be swimming or hanging out in the water for a long time, you’re going to want to have a wetsuit on for additional warmth and comfort.

3. Conserve Energy

A wetsuit actually makes you more buoyant, too. Buoyancy is important if you’re going to be swimming for a long time, whether that’s for fun or as part of a race.

The more buoyant you are, the less energy you have to expend as you swim. This, in turn, can help you last longer in the water.

4. Move Faster

In addition to improving your stamina, a wetsuit can also help you move faster in the water. Wetsuits are covered with a special coating that repels water.

As a result of this coating, you won’t be weighed down by the water as it soaks your suit. You’ll be more docile and be able to swim faster.

5. Look the Part

If you’re worried about appearances, a wetsuit might not seem like a good idea at first. In reality, though, everyone who takes their water activities seriously is probably going to be wearing one. You won’t look silly if you wear one; you’ll look prepared for the elements and like you’re a seasoned pro.

6. Helpful for Beginners

For folks who are just getting used to distance swimming or other watersports, a wetsuit can help them to feel more comfortable in the water. Since it improves speed and increases buoyancy, beginners won’t have to work quite as hard to keep up.

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7. Follow the Rules

For some water activities, you need to wear a wetsuit before you can compete. Some swimming races require a wetsuit instead of just a bathing suit, and you’ll need a wetsuit if you’re going to try to scuba dive or surf.

8. Enjoy Your Trip

If you’re traveling somewhere with colder water or a more volatile climate, a wetsuit will help you to get the most out of the experience even when the weather is less than ideal. If you pack a wetsuit, you’ll be able to enjoy the water no matter what’s going on around you.

Choosing the Best Women’s Wetsuit

Okay, there are plenty of reasons to wear a wetsuit instead of a regular bathing suit.

For some activities, a wetsuit is even required before you can participate. You don’t want to end up sitting on the sidelines because you didn’t bring the right gear, do you?

If you want to buy a wetsuit for your next beach day, here are some tips that will help you choose the right type and style for your needs:

Sleeveless vs. Sleeves

First, you ought to consider whether you want a sleeveless wetsuit or one with sleeves. Both are good options; it just depends on your personal preference.

Some people tend to feel a bit constricted in a wetsuit, especially the first time they wear one. If this sounds like you, a sleeveless style might be a better fit.

Consider the Activity

Think about the activities you’ll be participating in, too. When you’re shopping for a wetsuit, let the person at the store who’s helping you know whether you’ll be swimming in a race, scuba diving, surfing, or participating in some other activity. They’ll help you find the right suit for the occasion.

Fit is Key

Always try your wetsuit on before you buy it. If it doesn’t fit well, you’re not going to be able to experience the other benefits wetsuits have to offer.

There are wetsuits available for people of all shapes and sizes. You can about wetsuits specifically designed for plus-sized women.

Focus on Features

When you’re trying to decide between a couple of different wetsuit options, factor in the features that make each suit unique. Does one suit feature a warming lining or better-placed zippers? The little details can make a big difference, especially when you’re first getting used to wearing a wetsuit.

Consider Renting

If you’re not fully ready to invest in a wetsuit, that’s okay. Lots of shops allow you to rent one instead of buying it.

This is great for your bank account, and it gives you an opportunity to test the waters before you invest your hard-earned money in your own wetsuit.

Get Prepared for Your Next Beach Day

Now that you know more about the benefits of wearing a women’s wetsuit — and how you can choose the best one for your needs — are you ready to hit the beach and get in the water?

Whether you plan to surf, wakeboard, or do anything else in the water, a wetsuit will keep you protected and ensure you have a great experience.

If you’re interested in learning about other steps you can take to ensure you have a fun and rejuvenating beach day, we’ve got you covered.

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