How to Look Your Best

How to Look Your Best

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There is no doubt that a Prada bag, some Versace sunglasses and a pair of Dior shoes will help any woman look great, in most circumstances. But if you look tired and gray, no accessories or clothes will help you to shine and be the star of the evening. So, if you want to look your best, there is only one solution: Get your energy level up!

Add Dietary Supplements to Your Nutrition

Everyone can attract attention if they know how to dress well and have the right accessories. Coming out of a Porsche or an Audi, will always have a stronger effect than if you open the door of your Fiat 500 (although there can be a “cute” side to it). But what people are really looking for in others, is that radiancy they come with, wherever they go. It’s almost as if life did not have any effect on them. Those who never look tired and worried, always leave a great impression on people they meet.

The first secret to project this image of you onto others, is to add dietary supplements to your daily nutrition. The most important one, in terms of energy, is probably NMN, a super nutrient that recharges your cellular energy, which you can find at It will also help you fight aging by reducing chronic inflammation inside your body, while protecting you from viruses and bacteria. Take two capsules a day and keep fatigue away!

Live Intensely but Make Sure to Rest

Those who have a balanced life radiate more than others that don’t. It’s quite simple: If you party all the time, you will have fun for a while, but you’ll also age rapidly and the strain will show on your face and the rest of your body. In the end, you’ll look tired all the time. The same is true of people who go to work, come back home, and go to bed early, only to do it again the next day. Both lifestyles will leave you looking “off,” as the second one will become a burden, instead of being a life fully lived and enjoyed.

The balance is not that hard to find. When you go out and you start feeling tired, it is time to go home and sleep. People who live intensely know that it’s more important to save some energy, so they can do it again tomorrow. As for the “stay-at-home” individuals, the goal is to start by taking small steps. Moving from your living room to a dance floor, might be a bit too ambitious. But heading to a park and taking a long walk in the evening, will be a start. Soon, both will look refreshed and at their best!