How to Wash Jeans and Keep your Denim Looking Great

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Jeans are one of the best fashion styles which are loved by all. You can wear it with anything, and it will look great whether a casual outing or a date night; you can wear jeans anywhere.

Some jeans have soft material while some have tough material; every pair requires good care to last long. But one thing should be noted here, you must buy your jeans from a renowned brands of jeans, or any of your preference.
Since people find it very difficult to maintain the quality of their jeans. We have listed seven pro tips that can help you in making your jeans last longer.

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1. Don’t Frequently Wash

Washing your jeans frequently or on a daily basis can reduce their life and damage their quality. Jeans should be cleaned once a month and not weekly or after every wear. It maintains the quality, whereas frequent washing can dull its shine and lose its grace. The material becomes weak and can be torn easily; thus, it won’t last long.

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2. Say No to Ironing

Though jeans don’t usually require ironing, sometimes it gets wrinkled and needs ironing. But never iron your denim as it loosens the elastic, and your jeans can look saggy and won’t give you a perfect fit. The fabric also gets weak and can tear easily. To avoid crumbling, you can use steam which helps in preventing wrinkles in the jeans.

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3. Do Not Bleach

Bleach has a property that damages the fabric’s quality. Many denim manufacturers also give instructions saying no to bleach because it causes harm to your clothes. Bleach makes denim weak and can easily get ripped. It doesn’t help in maintaining the long life of your jeans. The quality also gets ruined, and it won’t look the same as when you purchased it. Bleach also fades the color of your jeans and makes them look dull.

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4. Use Cold Water

Whenever you wash your denim or clean them, avoid using hot water and always use cold water as hot water can compromise the quality of your jeans, making them dull and loose. Always turn your jeans inside out whenever you wash them. Then wash your jeans with cold water with little or significantly less detergent and that too of excellent quality. cold water prevents your jeans from fading and keeps them long going.

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5. Always Prefer Dark Colors Over Light Colors

Wherever you buy jeans, always keep in mind that dark colors will last long and light colors will fade quickly and start to look old soon. Washed jeans or distressed jeans undergo chemical treatments which fade quickly and won’t last long. If you prefer denim daily, always go for darker colors like black, navy blue, et cetera. The darker the color, the longer will be the life of your denim.

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6. Air Dry

Do not use a machine dryer to dry out your denim. To maintain the life of your denim, use an air dryer. Hang your jeans from a hanger or on your terrace, and let them dry naturally. If your jeans are very wet and water is dripping, dry them with fewer heat settings and let them air dry. This way, you can increase the life expectancy of your jeans, and it will last long.

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7. Sunlight to Dry 

Just like humans, your jeans also need sunlight as it prevents the foul smell from your jeans. Daylight also saves your denim from bacteria and fungal attacks. Do not put them in direct sunlight for a more extended period. Just 10-15 minutes is enough. Let them breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunlight. Do not keep them in direct sunlight; use a shelter and always turn them inside out because too much sunlight can fade the color of your denim.

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Use these ways to increase the life expectancy of your favorite denim so that you can wear them for a more extended period. Follow all the instructions carefully to prevent any damages to your pair of jeans.