How To Live Stream A Wedding

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The opportunity for live streaming weddings is always growing. With the technology required to live stream a wedding becoming easier to use and more affordable… Wedding photographers around the world will be adding “live streaming” to their services. This blog post will help wedding planners/photographers add video to their services and understand how weddings can be live streamed with discreetly placed cameras and remotely operated hardware.

“It’s incredible how many wedding photographers are live streaming weddings today” says Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics and author of the Udemy course “How to live stream Weddings”. “The demand for live streaming weddings, especially destination weddings, has prompted us to create a complete guide and video tutorial course on UDEMY… we already have over 1,000 wedding photographers taking our course today.”

Define the style – Planning for a finished video

Remember that it’s your job to capture your clients single most important day! Don’t stress out, just be prepared, because if you do this right it can be a lot of fun. Live streaming a wedding is quite different from taking pictures. Use the same thought process but think about setting up live streamings cameras that you will switch between during a live broadcast.

  1. Remember that the real magic will happen in post production
  2. The live stream is great, but don’t forget to run a multi-corder to capture all cameras for post-production

Conducting your first client meeting

We are assuming that you already have experience as a wedding photographer and you are interested in live streaming the event. PTZ cameras are ideal for live streaming weddings because they can be remotely managed and they can be placed in discreet locations. You can use wireless cameras to reduce cabling and setup times which we will cover later in this course.

“How to livestream Weddings” has recently been released as an online course available on UDEMY the world’s largest online learning marketplace. How to Livestream Weddings will be available for free from PTZOptics, the professional live streaming camera manufacturer. The course includes detailed videos and guide helping wedding planners and videographers use live streaming technology effectively during wedding ceremonies.

The marketing video above has been shared on Facebook and YouTube with thousands of industry professionals. The short video outlines value of live streaming weddings for friends, family and of course the bride. Share this video with a bride to be or wedding photographer you know!