The Must Have Fashion Trends for Summer

Summer Fashion

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Summer is the time of warmer weather and fresh summer fashion trends. Summer 2017 is proving to have a unique look all it’s own this year. The fashion trends are focused on minimalism, floral, futuristic, and super bright colors. The eye catching statement and outfit defining accessories should also be used to revitalize your 2017 summer style.

Summer Fashion

Floral Printed Dresses and Jumpsuits

Full floral printed clothing is in for the fashion. Dresses, skirts, shirts, and jumpsuits in elegant floral prints will be a must have for summer. The floral print should have a somewhat boho chic feel to it. This trend is perfect for all the boho chic trenders or the ladies who like a more relaxed appearance.

Super Brights

Super bright shirts and dresses are popular for the summer. Bright blue, yellow, white, and pink are some of the more popular colors for the warmer season of 2017. Arty pop prints in brightly bold colors are also taking the summer on. This trend is fitting for the bold women who like their voices and fashion bold and upfront.

Minimalistic Men’s Wear for Women

Men’s wear takes a feminine turn for women this summer. Striped suit jackets and men’s wear shirts are on trend this season. White men’s style shirts are being transformed into dresses for women. Light fabric pantsuits in all different shades are all the rage for the summer. This trend is perfect for minimalist types or the modern career woman.

Space Style

Space and futuristic style is appearing for the summer. Outfits inspired by space suits and perhaps the newer Star Wars films are being designed. Origami style fashion that has a futuristic flair and off the shoulder look is also in high demand among fashionistas this season. Off the shoulder or cut out shoulder outfits are definitely not going away anytime soon. You should ensure you have some tops with off the shoulder or cut out shoulders this summer. This trend is fitting for those who are becoming inspired by the science industry’s innovations into further space exploration, the new Star Wars movies, and anyone who lives by the mantra “the future is now”.

Summer Accessories


Sunglasses are always necessary in the summer. The new designs for sunglasses in summer 2017, lean toward bright colors and bold shapes. Many pop and movie stars are displaying a variety of these bold and cool sunglasses. Bright pops of colors and black sunglasses with boxy frames are a must have for your summer accessories companion.

Over Large Belts and Waist Cinchers

Oversized belts that loop and shape the waist are popular for the summer. Black, red, bright blue, and other bold colors are the most popular for the over sized belt trend. Waist cinchers are also all the rage for the warm months. The waist cincher trend goes perfectly with the futuristic and space fashion that is on trend. The waist cincher and oversized belt also goes well with the minimalist and men’s wear for women look. A belt or cincher can create a defined waist for women wearing a suit jacket or a dress shirt.

Large Geometrical Earrings

Large sized earrings are perfect adornments this summer. Find bold hued and geometrical earrings to fit into the futuristic and brightly colored trends. Large style earrings will really make your 2017 summer outfits complete. Playing around with this trend will help you figure out what kind of overlarge geometrical earrings will look best for you.


The summer 2017 fashion has a little something for everyone. Whether you are a relaxed boho chic girl, a bold woman, a career woman, or a future is now mantra trender, there is something that will fit for you in the trends for summer 2017. Be sure to have fun shopping with some friends for the new summer 2017 fashion trends.