Summer Catwalk Styles

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Whether you’re planning a summer vacation for the family or a quiet weekend away in a tranquil and sunny location, this year has some amazing summer styles for you to take advantage of.

This year we see a lot of bold colours, floral and pastels with mint green being the firm favourite. From bright oranges and yellows to powder blues and beiges, there are so many colours to choose from this season.

Exciting Styles

Spring Summer Style Trends 2012

The clothes are stylish, comfortable and cool from flippy skirts to pleated skirts; knee length seems to be the hot choice this summer whether you are looking for a summer dress to head to the beach in or a skirt to wear with your new blouse.

Lace, satin and chiffon in with wild animal prints, bold patterns and exciting designs. Blouses that tie in the middle showing off the belly to loose fitting blouses that can be worn open are also in this year.

If you’re heading to a seaside location, you won’t want to leave your shorts jumpsuit at home, in soft and comfortable fabrics, loose fitting and very stylish, this will become your most prized vacation style in warmer climates.


Prada Designer Sunglasses 2012

Big sunglasses are in again this year with bright frames that make a statement wherever you go. Large plastic frames in bold colours to match your style is a must have accessory this season.

Handbags are also in bold colours this summer, from the bright yellows to the sparkling blues. Whether you need a handbag to carry everything while on holiday or just a clutch bag for those romantic dinners, there is a great selection of designs that are essential for this summer season.

Summer Hair 2012

2012 Hairstyle Trends

This summer you have a choice of long hair styles, bob hairstyles or shorter hair styles that will keep you cool on warmer days.

For the longer hair, the long and bouncy look is in this season either with a centre or side parting. These are great choices for those lucky enough with longer hair because looped under pony tails, messy French twists and the side pin styles are all back this season, giving you ample choices when heading out on vacation.

The bob is another firm favourite this season. The side part is very popular with the front slightly longer than the back. Offering you simplicity and versatility and a fantastic style when straightened.

For those with short hair, don’t worry there are some superb styles for you with longer fringes to the side, the pixie look and the messy look all making a comeback this season.


Caffe Swimwear 2012 Swimwear Collection, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Beachwear this season is as bold as the fashion with brightly coloured kaftans and beach dresses for easy comfort when heading off to the pool or beach.

Animal print and bold patterns are hot this season and black and white are still in fashion in both the bikini and the full piece with some exciting design twists.

Remember your shorts jumpsuit is also the ideal beachwear choice this season to pop over your bathing suit when heading off for a day by the pool or beach.

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