Summer Shoe Options – Give Your Feet a Break

Summer Shoe Options

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Winter has its advantages, but most people can’t wait to put away their high boots and bulky shoes and jump into light sneakers and sandals. It’s the right time to start putting off your winter footwear because summer is around the corner. In fact, with the first warm days, summer models dominate in most wardrobes.

The choice of footwear that perfectly suits warm, sunny days is vast. It will certainly depend on many factors, such as occasion, personal style, and preferences. Someone will be a slave to fashion and wear some shoes just because they are trendy. Others will rely mostly on comfortable and functional footwear.

More on the importance of comfortable footwear.

Bright footwear colors are a good choice since they will bounce light away from your feet and keep you cool even in direct sunlight. Also, look for breathable and easy-to-clean materials. You certainly don’t want to bother with excessive shoe maintenance and miss all the perks of summertime.


If you care about your feet’ health this summer, you want something breathable, light, and comfortable. And which footwear combines all these? You guess – sandals. With various models for men and women, these shoes are a must in summer outfits.

With or without straps, with half-open or open toes, on a platform, or with a high heel, sandals are everywhere. They can be casual, sexy, elegant, whatever you want.

If you prefer a more classic style, look no further than the classic Birkenstocks. These are designed with cork, suede, and jute layers to mold your feet perfectly. Although their primary purpose was to provide ultimate comfort and support, these shoes have reached the high fashion scene. People worldwide are sporting Birkenstocks, so it’s about time to get a pair of your own.

Lightweight Sneakers

Whether going to the countryside on a weekend getaway or going for a long coastal walk, you want comfortable shoes that can transition well from day to night. That’s why sneakers are an indispensable piece of footwear this summer.

White or neutral sneakers are a summer classic. Low-cut models are perfect for warmer weather, especially if they are fabric or mesh. They are lightweight and breathable and provide comfort for hours.

If you are not on a budget, you can look for more info about high-end sneakers made of leather. Although slightly heavier than fabric models, they provide excellent foot support and allow the skin to breathe. That makes them ideal for longer wear. Plus, these shoes come in different designs so that you can find a suitable model for every occasion.

Slip-On Shoes

As the name suggests, you just slip into these shoes, and you’re good to go. These are very comfortable shoes, so it often seems to you that you could fly in them. Ease of walking, breathable materials, and comfort are ideal for hot summer days and come in the form of espadrilles, moccasins, and all types of boat shoes.

Espadrilles (sandals with a knitted sole) are always attractive and will never go out of fashion. They can be completely flat or with a platform, which puts them in the group of summer footwear for almost all occasions. Moccasins are also versatile shoes that can be worn even in the autumn. Models from Divi Shoes can fit into various summer outfits, and their comfort is unsurpassed.

If you want something more sophisticated, try loafers. These are an elegant yet more casual alternative to boat shoes. They come in various styles, and men particularly enjoy wearing them on hot days when they want a dose of elegance in their outfits.

Block Heels

Heels are an inevitable part of summer outfits when you want to look sexy and elegant. It’s clear that these shoes look great, but the price of that is high. Thin and high heels are certainly not comfortable for long walks or standing. Also, they are not too stable, so you can easily fall and twist your ankle. Also, the pressure while wearing them is mainly on the heel, leading to pain and many health problems.

Some basics on walking in heels.

If, despite all the above, you do not want to give up heels, find a compromise. A chunky block heel is an excellent choice when it comes to the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. These shoes will keep your feet comfortable during the hot summer months, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort or blisters. On top of everything, these heels come in different sizes so you can match them with all kinds of clothes.

Walk Barefoot

Summer shoes are necessary on many occasions. But the recommendation is to walk barefoot whenever you can. Those with foot deformities will find relief from putting their shoes off. It improves knee, hip, and core mechanics and strengthens leg muscles. That results in better balance and less pain. Visit this link for more health reasons to walk barefoot.

But walking barefoot has other benefits, too. You achieve better body awareness and proprioception when in touch with the ground. The feeling of touching warm sand, damp earth, or tickling grass is simply amazing.

Finding the best pair of shoes for summer isn’t always easy. While you might have found the perfect footwear for hot days, you probably can’t wear it anytime and anyplace. So the best thing you can do is to have them all 🙂