The Freshest Fashion Advice For The Upcoming Season

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The summer is almost over, and the fall is upon us. It is a perfect time to update your wardrobe for both rainy and snowy days. When shopping for your new clothes, be bold and go for the things you always wanted to wear. Fall 2016 will be known for self-expression, so take those matching outfits out for a spin. Here are some of the trending styles that will be seen in the next couple of months.

Bomber jackets are back in town

This entire year has brought back some old and forgotten styles, as well as some old memories. Bomber jackets are taking over the world, and will be seen a lot this fall. Whether you want to pair them with wedge sneakers for an unexpected sportswear look, or with black jeans and a bold clutch, the choice is yours. Either way, you will look fabulous and all eyes will be on you. Bomber jackets have appeared in new colors and fresh silhouettes, and in 2016 it seems like wearing an embroidered or oversized one means trendy and fashionable.

The trench vest

The spring brought new version of a trench vest, in a shape of a sleeveless silhouette. Whether for a brunch or an early lunch, a vest stands as a perfect layering for your favorite outfit. It can be combined with pretty much anything, both short shorts and long jeans. Over a white shirt or T-shirt, it fits everything. And the best part is – the fall will bring a new silhouette, with longer sleeves and a bit more protection from the colder weather. Be prepared to replace your tunic dress with a pair of long jeans, and your high heels with a pair of sneakers.

Oversized stripes

Colors are here and this time, they are here for good. Replace your summer costumes with a better, upgraded version. Instead of short stripes, wear long and oversized ones. Combine them with denim jackets and shirts, equip yourself with a pair of oversized sunglasses and feel the glamour on your skin. There are plenty of other combinations which include women’s suits, jackets and trousers, but none of them are as fabulous and marvelous as the oversized stripe. You can buy them in almost any fashion store, but be quick for the good models will be gone quickly.

Handbags of self-expression

Another trendy thing that will be seen on the streets of every city is handbags of different types and styles, colors and signs. Literally anything that you can imagine will be seen on a handbag: from fluffy cotton overlay to bright pink color, handbags will start a revolution. Grab that crazy fuchsia tote and complete it with a crazy style that fits your personality. Do not be afraid of judgment, it is that time of the year where you wear what you want. Black and white is “playing it safe”, so switch to colors like yellow, orange, fuchsia and azure. Pair it with any clothes you like, as long as it is freaky and crazy.  

Embellished sweaters

Cozy sweaters are definitely coming back. The main theme will be as many colors as possible, which is why most people will wear colorful sweaters. Combine them with a shawl or a cool and fancy hat that matches your outfit and the season. If you are walking down the park or going for a stroll down the city, combine a sweater with a classy short skirt with long boots and a shawl. Or, simply go for a classy, cute and urban rucksack to match your sweater and shawl.

This fall will bring in old-new trends, and will be remembered as the season of colors. Comfort and classiness will cover the streets, while the glamour of leather will almost disappear. Has the time of change come upon us? I guess we will have to wait and see.