5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips to Know

winter skincare tips

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Baby, it’s cold outside! For your skin, this means dryness, flakiness, and maybe even cracks.

In the colder months, it’s harder to stay moisturized to avoid these issues, but it is not impossible. Don’t let the winter months ruin your skin, do something about it!

What are the top five winter skincare tips to follow? Keep reading to find out.

1. Preserve Your Skin’s Oil

One of the best winter skincare tips involves preserving the oils in your skin because cold weather can dry you out. There are a variety of ways to do this including avoiding taking hot showers.

In the winter, it’s more than tempting to crank up the water temperature but doing so will strip the oils from your skin. Preserve what moisture you can by using cooler water.

Another way to lock in moisture is to moisturize your skin while it’s still damp. Once you get out of the shower, don’t dry your face completely before using moisturizer.

2. Moisturize Your Lips

Caring for your skin includes taking care of your lips. Your lips especially can become very dry in the winter as your skin thins and gets exposed to the elements.

Your lips have fewer cellular layers than the rest of your skin and they don’t have oil glands to keep them moisturized. Find a lip moisturizer that can heal cracked and dry skin.

3. Drink Enough Water

Everyone knows that drinking enough water can help you get beautiful skin, but a lot of people forget to drink water when it’s cold outside. Hydrating skin in the winter is more difficult because the skin can’t retain moisture as well.

Drinking water can help your body replenish some of the hydration.

4. Check Your Skincare Ingredients

Not only can skincare ingredients affect your skin’s moisture, but they can also affect wrinkle reduction, acne, etc.

If you don’t know what ingredients are in your moisturizer, the winter is the perfect time to check. You’ll want to use an ultra-nourishing moisturizer.

If your moisturizer has hyaluronic acid in it, it’s even better! This ingredient is great for hydration because it can hold more than its weight in water.

5. Don’t Forget Hand Care

Skincare products aren’t just for your face and lips, you’ll want to take care of other parts of the body too. Since everyone is washing their hands of the COVID-19 virus and the cold weather makes skin dry, you should be applying hand cream.

Reapply as many times a day you feel it’s necessary. To up your moisture intake, you can use cuticle oil once a day as well.

Winter Skincare Tips to Use Right Now

If you want beautiful skin all year round, these winter skincare tips are must-tries. Do what you can to conserve your skin’s oil by showering in lower temperatures, moisturizing damp skin, and drinking enough water.

Keep cream for your lips and hands as well. Make sure the moisturizer you are using doesn’t have harmful ingredients.

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