Miley Cyrus dresses like a tramp

Pint sized pop star, Miley Cyrus used to be such a real cutie.  She was just lovely to watch on TV and seemed to be a really adorable character. Who knows what happened to her – maybe someone introduced her to a prostitute who gave her fashion advice, because lately she has been dressing more and more like a tramp! She needs someone to help her understand about being a woman and how that doesn’t just mean about wearing less and less every time she goes out. Someone teach this girl some restraint and some class. You don’t need to dress like a tramp to be a success Miley!

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  1. dolores cocuzzo says:

    1. Miley is not super attractive
    2 She has nof the figure of” Beyoncé and/or Jennifer Lopex
    3 She is not sexy but ranchy and dirty in her motions
    4 She is not a good singer
    5 I am hoping those who buy records would think twice of putting more mney in her pocket and
    she won nothing at the award show after all the hype for We Cant Stop she is a disgrace expecially in the times of whag our children our wetching i.e. videos movies that glamorize this kind of trashy behavior

  2. dolores cocuzzo says:

    she does not belong on a stage she is not performer but an exhibitionist aho thinks she is sexy but she is not – she does not have the body or voice of a beyonce , rhainna, even lady gaga – they can sing
    She should start looking for another career because she won notjing at that awards show – so that tells you something – she is notning “slut”and should never be shown on tv – further she sonnds so hard when she does talk – it all fits on – no class – but I am sure she is relishing the publicity – of course the media will still show her we never ban these people videos movies etc
    this country like Rome is decaying from wjith in – we are a decadant nation

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