6 Essential Beauty Tips For Women Over 30

Beauty Tips For Women Over 30

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Stressing about age is pointless because of many reasons, and the main is – there’s nothing you can do to stop growing older. Your twenties are the perfect time to start embracing your age to be perfectly satisfied with the way you look by the time you reach the big 30. And being over 30 has its perks as well – first of all, you stop worrying too much about other people’s opinions and start feeling comfortable in your skin.

As soon as you realize you don’t need much makeup to look and feel good your life will change for the better. With less pressure of meeting somebody else’s expectations, you can finally relax and create your own beauty routine that will follow the pace of your lifestyle. Ladies, here are some quick and wonderful beauty tips you should master and slay every day!

1. Perfect Foundation

Find a perfect shade and don’t hesitate to spend a little more on the perfect foundation since it is your best friend in your 30. Test the shades on your collarbone not the back of your hand to find the right one for your skin tone. If you have a big problem with dark circles and under-eye bags well, it is time for a better concealer. Sometimes all you need for the everyday look is a good concealer and foundation, mascara, brow pencil and a touch of highlighter for the trendy look.

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2. Make It Last All Day

Always use a makeup base that is close to the color of your skin. After applying liquid foundation you should add a powder foundation in the T zone to get the shine-free face. Also, you can use nude (close to the color of your natural) lip liner as a base, add your favourite color as a top coat, place a tissue over your lips and dab translucent powder over it. That way you will set the lip color and make it last all day.

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3. Bold Lips

Rock a bold lip color no matter the skin tone! You’ve probably experimented with bold colors in your twenties so bold lipstick is not a strange thing for you. Use neutral makeup, natural shade blush and just a touch of mascara as a base and put an accent on your lips with your favourite color. Rock this look with a simple hairstyle, a messy bun or a natural straight or curly hair. It’s all about embracing your natural look with a few accents, in this case, bold lips.

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4. Natural Eyebrows

The 30s are your last chance to learn how to fill in your brows the right way. Opt for a more natural look, find a shade of eyebrow pencil that suits your hair color and apply it in short, dash like strokes that mimic the hairs. It is all about appreciating the natural look and embracing your age and beauty.

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5. Curly Full Lashes

The best way to get full eyelashes is to use two mascaras, to combine volumizing mascara that will make your lashes thicker and a waterproof one with lengthening formula to separate every lash.

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There is nothing more beautiful than accented eyes with long curly eyelashes and a nude makeup look for a girl in her fabulous 30s. You can use false eyelash strips and put them on yourself (make sure to cut the strip in thirds to make them easier to apply) or you can sign up for eyelash extension training and master the technique of applying individual lashes and get the natural look with quality extensions.

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6. Don’t Forget to Remove Your Makeup

Take care of your skin, don’t forget to remove your makeup. You’ve probably spent your twenties falling asleep with full makeup on but now is the time to quit that bad habit and become a master of makeup removal. Use cotton balls and micellar water and be gentle to your skin and patient with removing everything. You can DIY your own solution with coconut oil, an organic and natural alternative or you can buy active charcoal wet wipes as an oil-free makeup remover alternative.

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These simple steps are easy to master and you can include them in your everyday beauty routine. The most important thing is to remember that the real beauty is in embracing the changes of your body and accepting that your age is just a number. You’ve had your teen years to discover beauty trends, the twenties to experiment and now it is time to master your beauty routine and find the right amount of makeup to emphasize your natural attractiveness.