Getting Married Next Year? 7 Top Tips To Celebrate The Best Social Distancing Wedding

Social Distancing Wedding

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In the UK alone, it’s estimated that 150,000 weddings were postponed in 2020 due to lockdown restrictions. If you and your beloved had planned to tie the knot and be living happily ever after by now – but had to reschedule your wedding for 2021 – it’s definitely possible to get hitched in style in an unforgettable, romantic and magical wedding that is socially distanced.

Whether you’ve rescheduled your big day from 2020, or have confirmed a date for 2021 and have already sent out your wedding invites, you can still go ahead and get wed in the company of your family and friends, provided that you tweak your arrangements.

1. Plan A Sequel Wedding

While it’s not been possible to get married in a traditional and lavish big wedding in 2020, a hot new wedding trend has grown in popularity. The sequel wedding kicks off with an intimate and romantic micro wedding small ceremony, and finishes with a bigger party once all lockdown restrictions are lifted.

If you prefer, you can marry your partner in ‘secret’ in a private ceremony that’s reserved for just the two of you, and follow up with a wedding party at a later date. This way you get to say “I do” in a special romantically enhanced manner in Part One of your wedding, and to celebrate with guests in the sequel.

2. Take Your Nuptials Outdoors

It’s worth considering taking your spring or summer 2021 wedding out of an enclosed venue to an open space. If you hare concerns about the weather, you can provide your guests with the shelter of a marquee (without the floor or walls). Ask your catering suppliers to provide hampers packed with delicious foodie treats that your guests can enjoy eating at socially distanced picnic tables or on rugs.

It’s of course a good idea to inform your guests of your outdoor socially distanced arrangements, when you write and send out your personalised wedding invites.

3. Change The Line Up

Although guests who have received wedding invites to join you on your special day may be expecting to participate in a traditional style wedding, social distancing guidelines could require you to change the line up of the reception.

You won’t be breaking any wedding etiquette rules if you hold your drinks reception, speeches or cake cutting ceremony outside. If you have the first dance between courses your guests will remain seated, and you’ll have the entire dance floor to share with your spouse.

4. Make Hygiene An Essential Part Of Your Wedding Plans

When guests are responding to your wedding invites they may have some concerns about hygiene facilities and amenities on your wedding day. Make sure that you provide plenty of hand-washing facilities and have sanitisers dotted around your venue.

Instead of the usual type of wedding favours that couples offer to guests, you could start a new wedding trend by providing mini hand sanitisers and face masks that are colour coordinated with your wedding palette.

5. Make The Most Of Your Wedding Venue

Many traditional wedding focused venues have additional interior space or grounds that is often available, that you could use to spread out your guests to ensure they are suitably socially distanced. If you’re using this space for your drinks reception, you will need to extra time to round up your guests when it’s time to gather in the main hall.

Your most vulnerable guests will of course require reserved seating that is arranged away from other guests at the ceremony and reception.

It’s also a good idea to re-think your plans regarding how you can keep guests entertained and involved throughout the course of your wedding day. Ask your wedding planner to take the lead in choreographing your guests, so that they are socially distanced in the right place at the right time.

You can also swap your evening disco for all-day entertainment that doesn’t require having a bigger dance floor.

6. Have Back Up Plans

When you’re writing out the wedding invites let your guests know that your wedding has a back up plan in place. As someone who has COVID-19 symptoms (or has come into contact with someone that has) needs to quarantine, you will require the services of a B team to take the place of individuals that have to stay at home. Draw up a list of the most important people in your bridal party, and ensure that you have someone waiting in the wings to take their place if symptoms prevail.

You can also pick suppliers who are able to offer a double duty service just in case someone has to pull out on the big day. For instance, your wedding planner may be able step in for a celebrant, or your DJ can act as your toastmaster.

7. Go With The Flow

To accommodate wedding plans that may need to change at the last minute, it makes perfect sense to go with the flow on your wedding day. Although there may still be certain limitations and social distancing measures to consider, these adjustments don’t have to spoil your dream wedding.

If you have a flexible approach concerning the details, and allow your suppliers to guide you through the options, there’s no reason why you and your spouse can’t enjoy a great day surrounded by your family and friends.